Rising Salutation Sweater

This lightweight merino wool sweater is an oversized and long TTS. I think this would look really cute with tights for a slouchy casual look – but I definitely feel like I needed to size down in it because of the width of the upper arms and chest.

Pick Up The Pace LS

This was enticing because the rulu of this top is unique to this year. It’s the same rulu that was used in the Hill And Valley Mock Neck Crop Top which was a double layer. It feels really luxurious on! I didn’t love the overall look of this on me, and didn’t love the neck please, but because this is a decent length and fit I am tempted for this on markdown. This is a TTS 10. 

Slightly longer in the back with a bit of a curved hem. 

This is such a minor gripe but I didn’t like the way the neckline turned into the hood, with excess material.

Cool Racerback II Astro Blue

I really like this color but as you know, I’m no friend of the Cool Racerback II. I’ll have to look up the color name on the foreign sites and update you on what it’s called. – Astro Blue

Cadence Crusher Hoodie

I just realized that this was a size 12 and not a size 10. That’s ok, I liked this fit. I didn’t love the inner mesh neck as you can see from this first photo. It’s very stretchy but also tight so if you get frustrated like I do by getting your ponytail all messy then you will hate this feature. It’s perfect for cold weather runners though since you can pull it up over your face balaclava style. Brushed luxtreme is a really nice, soft and cozy material without looking especially cozy.

Intended use of the inner mesh neck warmer. 

Sorry, I didn’t realize this photo was blurry at the time or I would have retaken it. You can see the inner neck warmer is attached. I would probably cut this piece out since it’s not useful for me and it’s  more of a nuisance. If you use this for running outdoors it’s a great feature though. 

 Back pocket

Tag photo was blurry:
Cadence Crusher Hoodie – $128
Brushed luxtreme

Get Ready Jacket

I didn’t love this jacket but I don’t really have a good reason for it. It just seemed like a boring swift jacket without any special features or design. If you are looking for a basic black jacket without much weather function, this may suit you. This was my TTS 10.

Embrace The Space Crew Neck

If you are a fan of the Embrace The Space items made out of the super stretchy spacer fabric, the Embrace The Space Pants have been restocked and brought in in another color. The new color is I think Hero Blue, although it could have been inkwell. I’m wearing my pair of Embrace The Space Pants here in these photos and I’ve really loved them this winter. The Embrace The Space Crew Neck also comes in white, and possibly blue. I initially hated this spacer fabric because it gives a really odd shape in the upper body but the material is so fricken soft and delightful and light that at some point I’ll probably get this crew neck to add to my collection. Hopefully on sale when I do. It’s pretty plain, but it’s utility and cozy factor makes up for it.

Get Ready Jogger 

This get ready jogger is a pair with the Get Ready Jacket. If you like slim cut, cuffed track pants you will like these. I believe these where unlined so you can easily layer them over leggings or shorts. I have a pair of lined track pants from several years ago, and my Base Runner Pants, and these Embrace The Space Pants so I really don’t need another cuffed sweat pant style in my closet. If you are in the market though, these aren’t bad.


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  1. I tried on the pick up the pace long sleeve in a new print and it was way too short or I would have bought it. For reference I'm 5'7" and tried on the size too. I also tried on the rising salutation sweater and loved it!

  2. Thanks for the try-ons Lulumum. None of this appeals to me. Maybe the astro blue crb ii, but the rest is ultimately unmemorable to me personally.

    1. Same here! Exactly my feelings as well. Only thing I might be interested in is CRBII. Just not too sure about Astro Blue colour. It looks nice in the photos above but kind of reminds me of Blue Denim and I'm not in love with Blue Denim (have a couple items in Blue Denim and don't find I reach for them). In the photo of the CRBII above it looks brighter and more cheerful than Blue Denim, wondering how they compare side by side and in person…

    2. I actually really liked Astro Blue on. It's definitely bluer than grey but I can see it pairing really well with darker greys and brighter colors.

  3. Nothing for me here. I've been waiting for a full length pair of Nulu pants, but a big seam down the front seems to defeat the purpose of soft and light pants.

    The Cadence Crusher Hoodie seems sensible, but at that price point, I'm hoping for more than a basic piece that gets the job done. I want to feel excited to put it on because it's so pretty/flattering/unusual/SOMETHING. Lulu clothes have the personality of wallpaper paste these days.

    Thanks for all the work you do, LLM! That was a ton of clothes to go through and I'm sure it took you a while. I appreciate it!

  4. It looks like there is lots of new product this week and these fit reviews are really helpful giving me a good idea of what this product looks like on. I have to say though I am not feeling any love for what I see here. At least I got a good laugh of the balaclava head shot. I imagine this Cadence Crusher Hoodie must be horrible to get on and off. The best thing about this hoodie is the beautiful blue colour. As for the two Get Ready Joggers, one is Swift but the tag doesn't state what the fabric is on the other one, only that the inside is brushed. I too don't need another pair of cuffed joggers. It would be nice if they mixed it up a bit with different styles of hems.

    As for more spacer fabric items, I don't get what the appeal is other than you say Lulumum that it's really soft and cozy but the styles are so unappealing to me and look nothing like Lululemon. If I want cozy, there are better looking styles from other brands that I would buy before I would buy this stuff. All the jackets shown in this post look like not one ounce of design effort went into designing them. I know I am sounding so negative but I just can't get excited about any of this stuff.

    1. I completely agree with you on the spacer line. Like WTF were the designers thinking? Oh wait, we already established they don't think lol

  5. You are so funny! Love your Cadence Crusher pic!! It reminds me of those colorful spandex full body suits the older kids seem to love on Halloween.

    The Pick Up the Pace looks cute from the back. The longer hemline is giving it some nice shape, but the front is so plain. And like you said, I also don't care for the bunchy neck becoming a hoodie look. So odd. But double rulu, so maybe on a really good MD.

    Thanks for taking the time to do multiple try-ons and fit reviews. It really helps, especially with continuous lack of store/ed photos.

  6. I had to laugh when I saw the photo of you with your head covered!

    Please don't get the space gear! It's not flattering at all. So many other things you could spend your money on. I feel like that line is a joke. It's so so awful.

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