1. Lulumum – are you based in BC, Canada? If so, Washington state has two stores. One in Bellevue and one in downtown Seattle. In case you want to peruse in person 🙂

    1. I haven't been yet but I've been dying to go. My husband keeps deterring me though because of our low dollar – anything I'd purchase would be 30% higher. But, I've purchased 3 other Lorna Jane bras from the US right before they increased the international shipping rates.

    2. ohh another brand to look out for, thanks! I looked on their website and it says that Canada has only one store, and it's in Vancouver (321 Water St., V6B 1B8). I'm guessing the website is not up-to-date or something?

    3. Yes the Vancouver location is a bit of an office space/showroom in Gastown. They do some fitness classes in there as well. I believe there is a store in Calgary and possibly one in Edmonton.

    1. If they are like other pants I've tried, I think its close to luxtreme but a bit thicker, compressive and slightly cottony. It's their 'excel' fabric. I tried a printed pair of LJ tights the other day and really liked them.

  2. These look really pretty! Love the colours and love the print. I am a sucker for pretty floral prints in pretty colours! I second what Princess Ellie said – I would also love to see a review when you get yours.

  3. Those are really pretty LLM! I'll have to hold off for now, still chipping away at my credit card junk. Thanks to lulu not listening to customers it's going faster, but not ready for any splurges. Please keep us updated as you find more gems to share with us all :)!

  4. Those are really pretty, definitely more appealing than anything LLL has put out in the past year. I like that they are mostly dark too, to conceal sweat.

    It is great that you are a distributor. Your price is definitely more palatable than the LJ price. They are still too pricey for me at this time. Other expenses I have to cover.

    Just an administrative question and curiosity: one picture goes to Pinterest and not your "shop". Does someone have to e-mail you if they want to order through you or are you going to have your own LJ link if you are a distributor. Sorry if there's already a shop link and I missed it 🙂

    1. I'm in the process of setting up an online shop which will be up soon. I'll have a link for it up at the nav bar in a drop down menu where it says 'lulu for sale'. For now I thought I'd do an early offer as a trial order.

  5. I own these along with several other Lorna Jane pieces and I was shocked at the sizing. My pair definitely ran an entire size small. Just an FYI.

  6. I was at the mall yesterday and walked by Lorna Jane store. Did not go inside, but from outside everything looked very athletic and gym-like. Kinda like UA. Nothing special

    1. And they are shocking quality. You guys are used to lulus quality. Youll be utterly disappointed at how long lj items last for. Also, be wary of their bras, especially the ones with the hardware that convert the straps. One gave me a massive welt on my back that was 5cm diameter and hurt like buggery!

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