Get Ready Jogger, Indian Ocean Swiftly

I purchased this Swiftly and have worn it twice now to both Crossfit and Olympic Lifting. I love it for the color but it does fit quite tight and lacks stretch. I sized up in it to a 12 like I usually do with Swiftlies, but this fits like a tight 10, and it’s especially tight in the inner elbow area and slightly shorter. After wearing it to lifting it has given in that area so I suspect the tightness in this is temporary, but this may be one that bags out on you in places once it’s stretched. It’s also thicker and softish. I’m glad I got it and will wear it a lot but this is note one of the lovelier feeling swiftlies if that’s what you look for when buying swiftlies.


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  1. My Indian Ocean swiftly arrived today. I have not worn it for a workout yet, but I did try it on. I got it in my normal size 4 and it fits the same as my other swiftlys. It is very soft and the color is gorgeous. I will report back if I notice any baggy-ness after a workout. I also got the Circut Breaker skirt in the teeny check print and it is super adorable! Almost reminds me of older/cuter LLL from years ago.

  2. I just got mine today as well. I got it in my usual size 4 and haven't tried it on yet but measured it with one of my thicker and less stretchy feeling Swiftly LSs from last winter (the striped Rumble Berry one) and it is exact same width, only difference is it is a tad longer in length (half an inch at most but I find Swiftly tops sometimes tend to vary a tad in length). I think the fit/size will be the same as the rest of my Swiftly tops going by this comparison but will try on after my shower just to be sure. Hopefully there won't be any issues with bagging out with wear.

    Julie Frank – if you don't mind me asking, how does the Circuit Breaker Skirt compare with the Pace Setter Skirt in regards to fit and how it feels on? Haven't bought any skirts since they've been discontinued but the Circuit Breaker one looks cute! (I don't live near a store to try on)

  3. Anonymous 3:30- I do have one Pace Setter skirt, but I don't wear it anymore because it's a size too big. So far I like the looks of the Circuit Breaker, but I haven't ran in it yet. The front is nice and flattering, however the pleats in the back don't lay flat like they did on the Pace Setter. The pleats look a little messier, but it doesn't bother me much. I usually wear a size 2 in speed shorts and skirts, and size 2 in the Circuit Breaker fit me great. I hope this helps.

  4. I have this swiftly too. Fits just fine for me in my regular size. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    The fabric is thicker and nicer than other swiftlies I have.

  5. I hate it when models put their hands in pockets like in these photos. To me it feels like it's a red flag that pockets probably are not flattering. sigh.

  6. So I was checking the WMTM section and they did another MD in the Fleece be true things ($30 less!) Some other things had new prices too I think. Is this an indicator of something "special" for tomorrow??

  7. Thanks for the Swiftly review. I love the colour. It also seems to have the colours of Blurry Belle pattern within it. I don't need another Swiftly so will control myself on buying this one too soon. (Plus, I just bought five of the CRB original on wmtm.) I like both the LS and SS; I know Canada didn't get a SS version yet.

    1. I'm hoping Canada will get the short sleeve version too. I'm holding off on ordering the tank hoping for the SS instead. Will be bummed if we don't get the SS and the tank sells out in my size in the meantime – ah well, don't really *need* any new ones anyway even though I do really love this colour.

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