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Fit Review|Kicking Asphalt Jacket, Fresh Track Pant II, Radiant Rose Alpine Wunder Under Crop

Fit Review|Kicking Asphalt Jacket, Fresh Track Pant II, Radiant Rose Alpine Wunder Under Crop

As I was leaving the store I noticed the new Dark Royal Fast And Free Crops, and Midnight Navy Swiftly Tech LS was in, as well as the new Move Bra. 

Wunder Under Hi Rise 1/2 Tight Radiant Rose Alpine

I really liked the print of these in person. They are very graphic and contrasted but not too busy. I’ll definitely consider these. I didn’t do a squat test but pulling them on I could see a bit of sheerness over my knees, so definitely do a squat test in these because they may be sheer. Luckily I didn’t see much print fade when they where on because the beauty of this print is how contrasted and sharp it is. 

Kicking Asphalt Jacket

Both these jackets where tried on in my TTS 10 and they where roomy enough in my chest and armpit area but it was more fitted around the waist and hip. I didn’t care for the simplicity of this jacket and because it is simple swift it’s not rain proof or resistant, nor is it wind proof. I prefer my Sleet Sprinter jacket off WMTM for the price. 

Fresh Track Pant II

I was surprised that I really love these pants and almost came home with them. They are a thicker, looser knit luxtreme and they are unlined. They felt lovely on and I really liked that the legs where slim cut. I’m going to watch for these on WMTM, which is a sure bet if you’ve been watching the outlet, WMTM and store markdown prices lately. Lululemon is really catering to the outlet shoppers over the past few months and they are training even us die hards to only buy at reduced prices. 

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Sleet Sprinter Jacket from WMTM

Just for your information, in case you are considering getting the Sleet Sprinter Jacket off WMTM, I sized up to a 12 from my usual size 10 and am really happy with the fit. The general consensus on the Facebook groups is to size up in this, and possibly size up twice if you are large in the chest or very broad in the ribcage.

Deep Rouge

This is a nice color but seeing it in person killed my desire for it. It’s definitely browner than Rosewood and doesn’t read as red in person. More of a maroon/wine but not quite bordeaux. 



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  • Hi Lulumum thanks for the fit reviews. I was wondering if the Kicking Jacket is lined and if you saw if the store had it in Midnight Blue? It looks from your pictures that the jacket isin't lined which is too bad because the second you start to sweat the swift fabric clings to your skin. I liked the Sleet Sprinter Jacket on you better than the Kicking Asphalt Jacket. The Sleet Sprinter is not a Spring jacket though and the arms would be too long for me especially if I had to size up. I am wanting a nice spring tech jacket but not in black or white. I really like the WUC on you and they would be a great buy if ever marked down.

  • Your daughter is adorable! Mine is 7 and I miss the younger days.

    Thanks for the close up of the Deep Rouge. I'll still check it in person, but your photos and description were very helpful. Though I'm not sold yet, I might wind up really loving it in person. I never thought I'd really enjoy Wineberry, but my Wineberry Fleecey Keen has become a favorite and Deep Rouge looks similar, but a little less pinkish.

    • @anon 5:11 me too! I bought the wineberry dance studio pants lined on markdown and a sweater in wineberry and am still surprised how
      much I reach for it since I wasn't in love with it at first like I am Alberta lake or black swan…

  • Thx for the fit review. I have to say those printed wu are growing on me. They look great on you. Not overly busy. I don't care for Brown tones so the new Rouge is a no go for me.

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