1. They're calling that black cherry?

    And the tulle print is really, really cheesy. I don't know who their target customer is at this point, but I'm 29 and it doesn't feel like it's me.

    1. I don't find it cheesy, but it's not all that appealing. I'm really happy to see color, but there's nothing about it that's particularly motivating for me. It's pretty generic looking. I'm 47 and I also don't feel like I'm their target market, but I don't think age is the issue. I think the crux of the problem is that I'm a woman. Most of the new stuff is either gender neutral or outright masculine. Not sure why they seem to think that courting the male market means removing all signs of femininity from the women's clothes, but I think they think we want his and hers workout outfits and that that means that they should be unisex. Bizarre notion, if you ask me, but from things like the latest video, that's the impression I'm getting.

    2. It is funny that you say that, Anonymous 10:57AM. I am a man and I don't find anything appealing to me in the men's line. However, I do find some of the color ways in the women's line appealing and that agrees with what you are saying.
      I wish they used these color ways in the men's line. To name a few: heathered black, black cherry, military green, nocturnal teal. I like them. I might end up buying women's cold weather tights coz I am tired of black and black and black.

    3. (I'm anon at 10:57 am.) Funny that you say that, anon @12:00. I am coveting some of the Ivivva styles. So now they just have to shift their women's designs into male patterns and their girls' designs into women's patterns and we can all be happy! Grass is always greener, I guess. 🙂

    4. I totally agree with both of you! They need to do a designer swap!! Everyone in design please rotate one cubical down, okay? I'm LOVING the ivivva moon collection!

  2. Although I'm sick to death of the black and white prints, I love frozen fizz! I hope we get frozen fizz in the Define in the US. I wonder when the frozen fizz pants will be released?

  3. I like the Tulle in the black and white but it doesn't do anything for me in the blue. I like the color of the WUPs, but I agree you can't see the Ombre at all. @11:28 AM, if we get those again I'd be VERY surprised.

    1. I'm pretty sure that was leftover stock, like we got on WMTM a short while ago. I could be wrong, but I would still be very surprised. Happy to eat my words though!

    1. I got mine a few days after ordering. You might want to check your spam filter to see if the emails accidentally went to junk mail.

    2. I'm talking to the chat and they said only 1 per email address. I'm pretty bummed as I read the fine print and it said nothing about that! Oh well, was going to return most of what I ordered anyway….

  4. U need to call them because same thing happened to me. It comes from cash star, and they somehow had the wrong email address. As far as the one per customer, they ended up giving me the 2 that I thought were owed but it took 2 phone calls to them.

  5. Honestly, this is part of the reason why I dont bother with this kind of thing… the $25 gift card just isnt worth the hassle imo

    1. I agree and wish I hadn't bothered. I ordered the items and ended up returning all of them due to quality issues. 1 month later and my credit card still hasn't been credited back, not a great time of year to take forever processing returns…

    1. LLM, ladies, this might be a little stretch but I am seriously considering starting a petition to get athleta in Canada. I know, it might be crazy and I'm sure this company already considered entering the Canadian market and for some reason decided not to. but I am still holding hope that if we show them there is a great interest in their products maybe they will reconsider.
      LLM would it be too much to ask maybe you can write an article about this, then we can all jump in and comment and get people's attention. then start an official petition…what do you think, ladies?

    2. No, no, I would sign the petition. If we do something, we might get it. If we don't, we won't get it for sure. I like the fact that somebody wants to have a solution, instead of moaning about not having Athleta in Canada. They would be a serious competitor to Lululemon, and we would have a choice!

    3. I didn't realize the shipping would take so long even across the US. My hoodie isn't due to arrive until mid next week so I won't get to review it until then.
      I may have a contact through my affiliate network that I will pass this Canadian interest to. Hopefully she can pass it up the line.

    4. I agree with anon 8:32PM. IF everyone had the kind of attitude of 7:59PM then that's how things (not just this situation, but in general) never change and remain the same.

      I'm actually surprised that we don't have Athleta here, since we have Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy here.

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