Fleecing Cold Pullover

The Fleecing Cold items should be uploaded tomorrow for Upload #2 of the week. If you didn’t know, Lululemon does double uploads from Black Friday until Christmas. Now is the time to sign up and use your EBATES religiously on all your online shopping. I’m up to $68.84 so far on my purchases and haven’t even started Christmas shopping online yet. 


*Make sure to check out with EBATES online (referral commissions are earned) and take advantage of the apple pay to get your $25 gift card. Don’t forget the holiday return period is now in effect. You’ve got until January 8th to make returns.

    1. Yes!! You need to sign up to ebates.com not ebates.ca. You can shop on the canadian lululemon site (and all other retailers that offer ebates) on the ebates.com site. You get paid in USD but that is actually a much better deal for us Canadians.

    2. Go to the very bottom of the ebates website on the left hand side and it should have a listing for 'partner sites' which lists all the countries. Pick the US.

  1. Did I miss the thread that the CRB i/original was uploaded to the Canadian site in white and heathered slate? They are almost sold out. I already have both colours but this is new stock. Does anyone know if it is coming back? Do they finally get it?

    1. I doubt even if they "get it" it would be back this soon. Fashion takes a year or so to go from design to floor so even if they realized the CRB II was a dud they probably had ordered it in a bunch of colors and it will continue into the summer since this coming summer line was already in process last summer. If there's a switch we won't see it for awhile. My guess is old stock they found.

  2. Also on the US site in white, heathered slate, black, porcelaine.

    A lot of sizes are gone so if new, it is selling out. If it is just old stock, then what's there is left over?

    If this CRB original is not back, I don't understand why it is on the main and not in wmtm. (And I have all those colours, so didn't jump on it.)

  3. Yuck I hate that sweater. It looks cheap and matronly with the thin wrist and pocket hems and boxy shape. Lands end again.

    1. I hadn't realized 'til I saw it in the store today that it's one of those jackets-that-looks-like-a-sweater things. Sweater on the outside, jacket on the inside. So, so frumpy. I saw the same thing in North Face, but really, it's more of a Sears type item. What happened to the taste level that produced the feather prints? I'm getting design whiplash.

  4. I am pretty sure they (the original CRBIs in white and slate) are the same ones that have always been there… black, white and slate didn't go to WMTM, along with a few other colours that sold out a while ago.

    1. Sadly, I think you are right. I've had a white one in my cart for months, hoping it would go on MD. I'd like a back-up one. I should just pay full price before my size is gone.

    1. I've been wondering about the material. The outside looked very familiar. I was hoping the inside was sherpa fleece but it looks like it's not.

    2. It sort of reminds me of the Chaturanga Pullover from a few years back but I like the Chaturanga better. I got one in a size down on eBay last month and really love it so now I want to hunt down my TTS.

  5. I got an email from Ebates this morning saying that if you invite 3 friends to join using your link, you get $75. You can go to the website and get your link. So much better than the usual $10 they give out. It's a good time to invite people to join!!!

  6. I SO want a PO from Lulu. This looks like a couple North Face ones I have from years ago. I am not thrilled off the bat, but maybe I will change my mind. Returned the Fleece Please PO, too. Just not like years past. 🙁

  7. I received the Hill and Valley Turtleneck in what was to be Nocturnal Teal but it looks like Inkwell. When I compare the colour I have with the Nocturnal Teal shown on the website you can see it's not the same colour. Has anyone else ordered this and got Inkwell instead? I am going to take it in to a store today and see what's up. It's a beautiful colour but I don't need an Inkwell one, I really want the nocturnal teal or I will return it. I also got the Heathered Black printed Restless PO and I am on the fence about keeping it. The fabric is not as stretchy and doesn't feel as nice as one I got from a few years ago. I am keeping the Outrun l/s in heathered black/hero blue. The rulu fabric feels really nice and I like the fit. I would have preferred this one in the nocturnal teal but that sold old really fast. I also got the Fresh Tracks 1/2 zip in Black Cherry and the colour is very dark and rich looking. I am not thrilled with this tech fleece as it is so much thinner than the Face The Frost and the neck on the Fresh Tracks is more of a loose mock style which for a winter tech piece is a poor choice for a neckline. I wear my tech fleece outdoors when it's really cold and like a high snug neck when zipped up. Also this piece gives a horizontal bulge line under the bottom of the zipper that I can't get rid of and it's not because it's too tight in the chest. Upon looking at the inside of the zipper end I see that there is a longer piece of fabric at the end of the zipper that is causing this bulge. When I looked at the finished end of the zipper in my Face The Frost the end piece is much shorter and does not create this kind of horizontal puckering. I think I am going to take this in and see if they can fix this.

    1. Thanks for your comments on the Fresh Tracks half-zip. It's the only thing that's been tempting me lately, but when I looked at it in the store, I noticed that the inside of the tech fleece didn't feel nearly and soft, fuzzy, and cozy as my older tech fleece pieces. I also just find the design too plain and lacking in features in comparison to the things that I already own. I just can't swallow the idea of paying $128 for it when I already own things that serve the same function and are much nicer. I do love that black cherry colour though.

    2. You are so lucky Anon 7:04a.m. to have two FTF fleeces. I should have bought a second one when they went to WMTM last. I wonder if we will ever see a quality made tech fleece like that again?

  8. I agree that the price tag of $128. for Fresh Tracks 1/2 zip is high especially when they cheap out on the fabric and a shorter neck vs. previous thicker tech fleece fabrics and designs. As much as I don't like the mock neck on the Fresh Tracks it's not a bad design otherwise and would be a good buy on markdown. I am noticing on a few of the new pieces including this one they are placing a top seam on the top of the shoulder which I am not liking at all and at the end of the seam it puckers on some pieces and it worries me that the end of the seam will start unraveling after more wear and washes. This is a design detail serves no purpose other than it may be an issue of poor quality construction down the road.

    1. I was just looking at pictures of old winter running pullovers, like the Alpine, and the Run For It. They really were gorgeous designs, and were really made for running in cold weather. I like the clean lines of the Fresh Tracks well enough, but not for $128. Maybe on mark-down I'd consider it. I remember getting a black Toasty Tech pullover, which had similar clean lines, on mark-down for about $50. They sold through pretty fast that morning and I was so thrilled to get such a bargain!

  9. LLL used to get copied by other brands. Now they're just knocking off other companies' designs. You could buy this pullover anywhere.

  10. Has anyone tried on the new parka – Fluff the Cold? I am on the fence about trying it and would really appreciate any reviews. I wish that they would list more of the details on the web page for those of us not near a store.

  11. I saw the pullover in the store on Tuesday and I'm pretty sure it's the same material as the Patagonia sweater. I have a North Face jacket in that material from a few years ago and I never wear it b/c the material isn't comfortable. This item was an easy pass for me.

  12. All these jackets and pullovers recently look so similar in design not to mention they only come mostly in grey and black. What a lacklustre fall/winter season this has been so far. It looks like 2016 will come to an end and I will have only spent pennies in comparison to years past especially at this time of year.

    1. I was thinking the same this morning. What have we had now – 3 or 4 different half zips? They're all blending together. The most color out of the bunch was the black cherry, and that's not saying much. Couldn't they throw us a bone and give us one pink or bright blue or … something?

  13. I tried all these on In store today, the pullover sure wasn't worth the money. It was sooooo hard to pull over my head, not worth the struggle. The zipup/ jacket was nice but I wasn't going to pay $158 for it. All passes for me

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