*Make sure to check out with EBATES online (referral commissions are earned) and take advantage of the apple pay to get your $25 gift card. Don’t forget the holiday return period is now in effect. You’ve got until January 8th to make returns.

Nothing for me today unfortunately. I have a gift card sitting in my wallet just waiting to be used. I ended up getting a second Apple Pay gift card which surprised me. I assumed the promotion was one per customer but I got a second one, and my second order was only $150 with taxes. The Black Cherry Brace The Cold Jacket is tempting but we seem to be having a global warming winter. It’s mid November and I’m walking around Toronto in a thin Locarno Long Sleeve with no jacket, and Vancouver has been even warmer. 

Did you guys order anything today? have you received your apple pay promotional gift cards yet? 

Brace The Cold Jacket⼁Black Cherry


Brave The Cold Jacket ⼁Deep Indigo


Ready To Rulu Pant ⼁Dark Carbon


Sweat And Savasana Sweater 


Define Jacket|Black Cherry|White


Cool Racerback II|Lush Coral


Speed Tight⼁Heathered Black


Wunder Under Pant High Rise


Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew|Capri Blue


Align Pant⼁Black Cherry


Studio Pant⼁Black Cherry


Wunder Under Crop Pant|Iced Wave
Wunder Under Crop III|Iced Wave


Tie It Up Singlet


Outrun 17″ Crop|Iced Wave Capri


Swiftly Tech LS|Lush Coral|Plum


Deep Breath Tight


In A Cinch Pack


  1. I really wanted a think fast hoodie but once again Canada didn't get it. Do they think we are so stupid that we don't notice that their new items consisted of a lot of last week's product. They are missing out on the lead up to Christmas and not even providing double uploads. This was only half an upload. My wallet is also safe allowing me to save more money for other companies Black Friday sales.

  2. Blah, this whole upload is a big "who cares?" I was excited to see the heathered black Speed tights since those are a staple for me (sans mesh), but the recent reviews are so bad. Anyone try these on yet?

    1. Whew. I just earned a shower beer! Ok the speeds were great. No issues. Long enough to roll up for reflective strips. Didn't fall down. But the "brushed" part isn't what I expected. I thought they'd be fuzzier. A good running pant though. Any specific concerns?

  3. Is it just me or have some of these legs fallen victim to a bit of a Photoshop hack job? Like they're a little too bow-legged or something.

    1. No, I don't think it's photoshop, rather this particular model has legs like that. I look at what she wears, not how her legs are.

    2. That's so funny I noticed the same thing but didn't know how to bring it up. It looks un-natural like it has been photo shopped. I suppose they dare not have thighs touching.

    3. I really just think that is her body shape! People are always commenting on how photoshopped the models look, but people actually *do* look the way the models look. Look at the photo of her in the speed shorts. I do not think it's photoshop.

    4. Agree with you both anon 4:02 and anon 5:13. I have similar body shape as that model so I'm pretty sure it's just wider hip bones/hips and bowed legs that turn out at knee and calf and not because of photoshop.

    5. My very fit friend has legs just like that. She is always super active and I'd absolutely love to have a body like that. To me it looks natural and sexy. Judging from the ease she has getting dates, the guys do too. That model is beautiful and I've thought that since the first time she showed up a few months ago.

    6. I also think it's her body shape. it's normal. Katrina from tone it up has a similar lower body and she's gorgeous and in great shape.

  4. Black cherry is truly a beautiful colour. I would buy the Studio pant in a heartbeat in that colour, except the re-worked version gives me ct and a wedgie! I can only wear mine with a tunic. A very disappointing version indeed.

    1. They made lined Studio Pant IIs in Deep Zin, which is a somewhat similar color. You might want to check for them via a reseller. I have a pair and love them, but the waist band does slightly roll in. Not enough to bother me, but I know it makes some people nuts.

    2. Anon 3:59 here. Thanks, ladies, for your replies. It looks like I should try on the lined version! And yes, the waist band is rolling too on my Studio II pants.

    3. I wish the Black Cherry DSP III was DSP II instead… 🙁 really do not like the III version at all, very much prefer the wider legs on the II version personally.

    1. I suggest the following:

      1. Make sure that you have the newest version of the app.

      2. Make sure that your Apple Pay is properly set up on the settings on your phone.

    2. Thank you! It turns out I needed to update my iOS to version 10 and then Apple Pay showed up on the website. It was still a pain to use though – had to troubleshoot the shipping address because it didn't like that I wrote out my province in full lol.

    3. Apple Pay works on iPhone 6 or newer. If you have a 5s or older you won't be able to use Apple Pay. Just thought it should be mentioned.

  5. Nothing for me although if I had the funds I think there are some cute things! I am saving my $$$ instead in the hopes of getting my daughter and myself into Sea Wheeze! Fingers crossed!!!!

  6. I would liked to have checked out the Fresh Tracks 1/2 zip in Black Cherry that Hong Kong got but unfortunately Canada didn't get it. Nothing in this drop for me.

  7. Ooooo the Fresh Tracks 1/2 zip does look super dreamy anon 5:56!!! I hope that comes here too and the fit works for me! Thanks for the heads up 🙂

  8. Is anyone able to use Ebates and also ApplePay together?? It doesn't work via app or website…or is it only one or the other? Thanks!

    1. You've prob had this answered already, but just incase….
      Log on to your Ebates account using Safari on your iPhone6 or Mac…click lululemon link once logged into ebates…add items to your cart…go to cart, check out using Apple Pay
      I've received my both my $25 card and 8% back
      Ebates IS truly worth it, I've gotten back over $1,000 in the past 2years, and esp with the holidays coming up !!

  9. Aww, bummer. I was all excited to finally have enough to spend in order to take advantage of the Apple Pay deal, only to discover it doesn't work on my phone since it's an iPhone 5. I wanted to try the brushed speeds in nocturnal teal and with this week's upload of the black cherry define I was ready to pull the trigger on both. I know it makes no sense but now I'm hesitant to buy since I know I could be getting a better deal if only my phone wasn't three-years old. I almost feel cheated!

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