Sleet Sprinter Jacket

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  1. this jacket is hideous. I tried it on and that pleat lays weird. unless you have a flat butt, it puckers in a very unflattering way.

    1. They keep making jackets and tops for very specific body types. It's not just a question of thinness; they've got a bunch of stuff that curves in at the back and it only works for you if your torso is a certain length. These seem like amateur design errors to me. The designers should come up with cuts that work with as wide a range of body types possible to sell the most clothes. Pretty obvious. Lulu used to be pretty good at this. Sure, sometimes people would say that the arms were too long or something, but this Fall there've been so many clothes that don't fit me properly because I'm too tall for where the back detail hits. I'm 5'9" – not exactly a giant. On the bright side, they've saved me a bunch of money and I am thinking of using it to buy me some K-Deer stripey pants. 🙂

  2. I received my order from last week's upload with my Nocturnal Teal CRBII. Nocturnal Teal isn't as "teal" as I hoped it would be… it's more of a dark charcoal/faded black with a tiny tinge of teal to it… If you love very deep very dark colours (imo it is more of a neutral colour since it does look more like deep dark charcoal grey to me) like this then you will most likely love this colour… I don't absolutely love it since I was hoping it would be more of a teal green colour but I do like it enough that I'll keep it and add it to my rotation of CRBs. Pretty sure I won't reach for it as much as my others but have some things that will look nice with this colour so will get some use out of it anyway. If I had of seen it in person first I probably wouldn't have purchased it though.

    1. exactly! because even the stores realize this jacket looks like shit when closed. who would wear a fall/run jacket open?? so stupid.

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