Thanks to a reader for pointing out that the Outrun Long Sleeve is listed as $98 online. I purchased mine for $108 in store so I just wanted to give you guys a heads up in case you also purchased yours for $108. I’m very pleased that Lululemon is willing to correct the pricing error. 

Outrun Long Sleeve

  1. What is it with Lululemon and gift cards? Why isn't their first instinct to offer you an actual refund to cover the overcharge? In your case, Christine, you'll definitely use the gift card, but for the occasional buyer, that gift card may sit unused until it's forgotten about, or used for the sake of using it which costs the buyer are money in the end. (And yes, I know that this is why companies like gift cards.) This is something that has always bothered me about LLL.

  2. To keep things positive, it does seem like the customer service has improved a bit over the last few years. The digital team's responses seem more genuine. Maybe it's just a new set of scripts, but the responses to negative reviews, for example, seem to have gotten a bit better.

  3. Thank you for the heads up!! I purchased mine last week for $108 and contacted them about the mispricing. They are going to credit me as well.

  4. I contacted them last night regarding the price of my outrun 1/2 Zip. They offered to refund the difference, but they said the top would then be final sale. I didn't receive a reply when I asked why a non-sale item would be final sale. I did a live chat today and was given the difference back on my card w/out the final sale stipulation. I wish they would have done that in the first place instead of me having to ask two different people.

  5. In store staff gave me a hard time one time bc I brought in a pair of leggings that had ripped, the first wear mind you. I had already repurchased online in fear they would sell out in my size, at $108….in store, apparently, they were marked $98. NOT marked DOWN $98, just listed at $98…. the girl working there had a hard time understanding why she was shorting me $10 with the refund(in a gift card ofcourse)… I had my orig receipt (of $108) and the repurchase for $108…. there return policy sucks, and I'm aware of that when I purchase so I guess it's my fault. but I never got a snotty eye roll attitude from staff til that experience . Booooooo

    1. Then consider yourself lucky! I used to buy a lot online because of FOMO and nearly every return got attitude. I remember I once brought in two pairs of Lab pants that were in high demand and weren't shipped to the stores. I had purchased two different sizes in two different colors because I was between sizes. I kept two and returned two. Still they gave me a hard time. I couldn't believe it. If I had put them on eBay instead, I could have easily made $100 profit, but still I got hassled. Things are much better now. They still seem suspicious of returns, but at least they don't glare at you.

    1. Forget my comment above, I bought the merino no chill not the outrun! (looks similar in the pic) Sorry if I induced any anxiety!

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