I wanted to mention that I got my apple/lululemon gift card emailed to me yesterday so I used it on a phone order today. I chased down a Sattva Sweater last week in another Province and it just got delivered to me, but unfortunately they sent me the wrong color. I was able to get the blue one from that same store that I originally wanted, on sale still, and I used my $25 gift card this time around. 

Outrun Long Sleeve

I really like the Outrun Long Sleeve now that I’ve sized up in it. I’m definitely keeping the Nocturnal Teal one I purchased the other day. I’ve tried it on at home about three times now and I’m quite happy with it. I would have been tempted by the Black Cherry one as well but I have a plum Tuck And Flow LS from a few years ago. 


Scuba Hoodie IV


Think Fast Hoodie, Fresh Track Tights

I got this Think Fast Hoodie LS last year and really liked it but then returned it. I wish I’d kept it. 


Sleet Sprinter Jacket


*Make sure to check out with EBATES online (referral commissions are earned) and take advantage of the apple pay to get your $25 gift card. Don’t forget the holiday return period is now in effect. You’ve got until January 8th to make returns.

    1. I was able to do it on my phone. I found that I had to add an item to my cart before the Apple Pay option would come up – I couldn't see it as an option if I just went to my cart that already had items in it (if that makes sense). I actually got an email from Ebates promoting it as well. I placed my order on the 10th and just double checked my Ebates account and the transaction is showing.

    2. Thanks for letting me know 🙂 I see Apple Pay in the lulu app but it doesn't come up in the Ebates app. I'll keep trying!

  1. I went to the store yesterday to try on the new rulu pieces. I thought that I would end up with outrun LS and the lighter colored think fast hoodie, but came home with city bound LS on markdown and think fast hoodie in the darker color (TTS with some room to spare). The outrun LS did not look flattering on me in comparison. I had the tuck and flow LS on so perhaps I was expecting something as nice?

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