Fast And Free 7/8 Tight|Fairisle Multi Black Hill And Valley Mock Neck

I tried on this mock neck today for fun, in a size up, and was suprised that it was so form fitting in my size up. I expected it to be short but not so snug in the waist area. If you have a long torso like me this will hit you in a really odd spot, even if you plan to layer it. The positive on this is that the material is incredibly soft. It’s a really nice double lined rulu with smooth rulu on this inside (vs. heathered or textured).

Hill And Valley Mock Neck

Hill And Valley Mock Neck, Fast And Free 7/8 Tight|Sweatr

Hill And Valley Mock Neck, Speed Shorts|Fairisle

 Speed Shorts|Sweatr

Wunder Under Pant Nulux Iridescent

Break Free Kit

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  1. This is again, one of the many times, that I wish they would stop giving Speed shorts all the cute prints and leave us Tracker and Run Times fans hanging! I really like both of the new prints (Sweater and Fairisle) but I don't want to spend $128 on tights, and Speeds are too short for my liking. Poo.

    1. I totally agree with you Anon 1:25pm. I thought 2016 was a miserable year for Run Times colours and prints in Canada. LLL also ignores longer inseam shorts when it comes to new designs which all seem to be 3" or shorter. I have been hoping for a short to be added to the Dance Studio line using the same swift fabric and the same design with an inseam of at least 5" or more.

    2. Totally agree too! Seems like all of the nice patterns lately only come in speeds or hotty hots which I know some people like, but look HORRENDOUS on me, I really didn't think they were that popular that they would pretty much abandon run times/trackers.

    3. Andreea, yes! I tried on the longer inseam Hotty Hots just to give them a shot, but it seemed there was just too much fabric in the butt area (possibly made worse because I don't have a butt!) and they poofed out like a diaper. No way, Jose.

  2. Does anyone know if there will a Tuesday upload like usual this week? or no, since there was an upload for both "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday"? (sorry but Black Friday and Cyber Monday sounds so ridiculous, lol)

  3. The Hill & Valley top looks really cute layered with the white tank on the girl in speed shorts. It suddenly made me remember that I own a cropped sweatshirt in angel wing from about 5 years ago. Totally forgot about it. I wonder where it is, lol!!!

    1. I don't get it either. It's become clear that I don't understand so much of what they are doing right now. I think they need a focus group with a fashion show of their new prints and ideas. They could hold up signs- love, maybe on sale, meh, and not ever.

    2. They just need to listen to us, their too faithful customers. We've been saying the same things over and over. We want feminine cuts in lots of colors with attractive, interesting details. We want attractive prints and btw, whatever happened to stripes? We want several of the old classic styles and cuts restored. Pretty simple. We want old Lulu. They refuse to listen. So who is more foolish – them or us?

  4. Here's a question: In the photos of the Run With Me gloves in the heathered white slate herringbone, what is that half zip that the model is wearing? Is it new or is it an older one? It has nice clean lines and a bit of ruching at the side of the breasts. It also doesn't have all the weird volume around around the torso that this year's designs have been plagued with. It looks like something I'd actually like to buy.

    1. Actually, it is slightly different in that the one posted with the gloves has a 2-way zipper, which the 2012 Run Wild half zip didn't have. Maybe it will be coming out again in an updated version…

    2. I noticed that it was released again in 2015. Did that one have a two way zipper? Either way, I'd love to see it again, although I suppose it would cost some ungodly amount.

  5. 🙁 I miss old winter lulu. I wanted runday crops or rebel runners or cute 1/2 zips. If I knew none of those would be back I would have bought all the colors the last few years.

    1. No kidding. I was wearing my Runday crops from the first run this weekend and thinking about how nice they are and how I wish I'd gotten a second pair. I'm pretty broke right now, so if ever there was a time for me to be grateful that all of Lululemon's offerings suck, I guess this would be it, but still…

    2. Love my Runday crops, but I have to admit that they are super sheer. If they offered them again, I probably wouldn't buy more because I don't need too many pairs of sheer pants!

    3. The ones that I bought from the first run weren't sheer at all, and I even sized down. They are some of my favourite running crops ever. (I have the ones with the raspberry striped fabric accents.)

    4. Anon @2:23 here. I have the Inkwell ones with the Inkwell and black stripes on the waist. The fabric is super stretchy – doesn't feel like Luxtreme to me – but so soft and comfy. Maybe it was an odd run somehow.

    1. I don't think there will be but I'm on standby just in case. I send out a newsletter email as soon as upload happens.

      I think next week (until Christmas) we will have uploads on Tuesday's and Thursday's.

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