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Hill And Valley Mock NeckFast And Free 7/8 Tight

Sweat And Savasana Pullover

Brave The Cold Jacket

 Brave The Cold Jacket

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  1. Anyone else frustrated by sellers on the LLL groups that have something they got off WMTM and are trying to sell for more than the original retail price (and double the WMTM price)? I get that that's the seller's prerogative, but that's pretty lame.

    1. I don't even bother checking out this kind of stuff for various reasons but agree that sounds frustrating for sure. Only ever buy my lulu from LLL store or LLL site. With the way things have been going for LLL lately (things not selling out/things sitting around on WMTM still not selling) I would be surprised if people will continue to get away with selling/reselling new/used LLL at the same kinds of prices they are used to – if people aren't going crazy over the latest stuff to begin with they aren't likely to search this stuff out from resellers.

    2. Actually, I'm buying more from eBay than I used to because that's the only way to get the styles and cuts I want. I just bought a Forme jacket in Zing Pink that I'm paying almost as much for second hand as I would have new, but they don't sell them anymore and the chances of even finding a new Define in bright pink seem extremely low.

      If you want Pace Setters, DSP, DSJ, CRB, or any of the other 20 or so classic styles they've killed off or altered beyond recognition, you have to go to the resellers. Of course, you can always just buy a different brand, but I like old Lulu, so I'm willing to make some compromises in terms of cost and condition.

    3. Anon 8:20 here – I agree with you, 11:10. I buy almost everything off of eBay because I want my old staples (and am willing to pay a premium for the right items). I just bought a second WTF pullover because the fall and winter offerings were so lame this year. I was waiting for one item to hit WMTM forever, didn't get a chance at my size when it uploaded, and now people are reselling for an exorbitant price. Then they get indignant when you send a PM with the audacity to ask if they will honor the original price at full retail even though they went to WMTM. Sorry, but I'm not paying you an insane markup just because you didn't like what you bought and are now stuck with it!

    4. I wasn't referring to old lulu. I am referring to all the new stuff that they are putting out these days – I can't see this kind of stuff selling the same as the way as it used to or the way the old lulu does.

    5. I sell new and old Lulu on Ebay and I have to say that the market has been very dry for me. Very dry. Old items like Scubas that I saved and never used (shopping problem..)are not selling. I think the Lulu market may be dried up. I'm definitely not willing to sell all the older, vintage, coveted items for next to nothing.

    6. Interesting comment anon 1:47! This is what I was thinking… that perhaps the Lulu market has dried up… and most likely because of the way things have been in LLL land lately. Totally understand not wanting to sell the coveted, older vintage Lulu for next to nothing, of course. Even though I still see a lot of comments from people seeking out older LLL, I am thinking eventually it will dry up as well, and as you said you are already noticing this happening.

    7. Yes, this downturn started around August. I think more and more people recognize the cheapness of the materials and the younger crowd can't sustain the company. If anything, Lulu could have just kept pumping out the classics we all love, the herringbones, the Scubas, the Dance Studio Crops, etc, etc. They chose to "innovate" and it's been a disaster, we all know it. I guess it was good run while it lasted and I've decided to just keep my Ebay items rather than sell for nothing.

    8. Anon @ 11:10 here. Sorry, OP. I completely agree that new Lulu doesn't warrant a mark up. I can see adding a little bit to cover the eBay seller's fee, but not more than an extra $5 or so.

  2. I received Hill and Valley turtleneck last night. I ordered it in my size 4,I am 5"3, 125 lbs, fit. It feels very nice and soft , but even layered with a tank top underneath it's still loose in waist area, especially I wasn't thrilled how it sticks out in the back. Not sure if sizing down will fix the issue. Otherwise it's very soft rulu lined with (I think) rulu

    1. I really dislike how boxy everything is becoming 🙁 I used to love LLL for their figure flattering designs that were shaped to flatter women's bodies, now they're just all so shapeless, boxy unflattering.

  3. Off topic, but I was just browsing through the WMTM just for shits and giggles and am shocked at how many people are buying abominations such as the City Bound Dress, Split Short Sleeve, and various other crap that is just as hideous, once the price drops, lol. I can totally understand that there are some people that may actually really like this stuff, but truly am shocked that this stuff is selling out in all the sizes and colours, even if they are marked down. *If* I was someone thinking I kind of like them but on the fence I'd rather just pass and save that money and wait for something truly amazing to come along and pay full price for that instead. Personally though I don't like them at all and would never wear them even if they were free and I was paid to, lol. I'm just really shocked that this stuff sells out once it's marked down, especially after seeing so many comments saying how terrible it all is, that's all.

    1. lol at abominations. I think there is a thing called 'purple sticker madness' that is compounded in the angel groups where things get really hyped up. I did not like the City Bound Dress AT ALL, although it does look decent on a few people I've seen that love it. There are lots of things I sort of like on WMTM but just am not motivated to buy because I don't have a need for that specific item in my closet and I've tried it on in store and it's just 'ok'. I keep a running tab of items throughout the year that I do really like but can't get in the moment so that is my 'WMTM list'. If those items get marked down, I pounce. I've done pretty well with my WMTM items – Sattva Sweater, Sculpt Jacket, last year I got the &Go City Annorak.

    2. honestly I think they are messing with the inventory. they keep adding and removing items randomly to create FOMO. A lot of us noticed this over the years. They release something, people go nah, then they remove the item and everyone thinks it is sold out. the next day they add some sizes, people go crazy and buy them. a few days later you see the full size run available again.

    1. Bite the bullet! I have not bought anything from lululemon in a very long time. I got the sweat to savasana sweater and I absolutely love it!! It is soft, warm and wears well so far. No pilling after all day wearing it, I am hopeful. I am between 6/8, I bought a 6.

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