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Yay! I got a cash back balance of $24.92 since last week! I ordered the First Mile Jacket tonight (which I intended to purchase anyways) and got $15.09 back for it. I’d rather lululemon price their items fairly of course, but ebates is a nice option to have for items you are already going to purchase. 

I’m really loving the First Mile Jacket, especially in Military Green. I posted a fit review earlier today and some store photos of the military green and white. I also really loved the Brave The Cold Parka but I’ve opted to wait for now. I don’t feel like I can swing both jackets and I prefer the First Mile for both function and color. The Ready To Rulu Pants in Military Green is also calling me. I’ve been living in my Base Runner Pants from last year and I just love them so much. I prefer last years version of these pants but the Military Green makes it tempting. 

What did you order tonight? Did you get cash back? Where you excited by finally seeing a full and proper Fall upload? 

First Mile Jacket


First Mile 1/2 Zip


First Mile Tech Tight


Brave The Cold Jacket


Preview of another color of Brave The Cold Jacket


Cold As Fluff Parka and Cold As Fluff Parka Sub Zero


Ready To Rulu Pant


Rest Less Pullover


Define Jacket


Wunder Under Pant


High Times Pant


Tight Stuff Tight


Rush Hour Long Sleeve

Run Around Tight


Speed Tight IV Brushed


Inspire Tight Brushed


Speed Wunder Tight Florence


Cool Racerback Pima Cotton


Cool Racerback


Embrace The Space Pant


Inspire Tight Mesh


Pace Rival Crop


    1. I'm wondering if you'll get some of this when you enter into Fall. Seems like I remember you getting our Fall/Winter stuff months later when we were heading into summer.

  1. Anon 4.13pm … i hear you sister!! The australian gear this winter was a sea of grey and black, absolute rubbish. Plus with the website update now online orders are taking over a week to be processed. Before it took 2 days to be at my door. Service is slipping.

  2. Decision disorder ugh. Does anyone know how the first mile tights compare to the toasty tech tights in terms of warmth? I love the warmth of my toasty techs but MAN did they pill badly 🙁

  3. Nothing for me. I tried on the First Mile Jacket and 1/2 zip but no thanks. As much as I love Deepest Magenta I hope we don't see it all winter like we did with Ultra Violet last year. I only want one outerwear piece in this colour and maybe one top and nothing more. I would love to see more Deep Indigo pieces. I actually see we are going to get a Swiftly s/s in Deep Indigo which is gorgeous and has my name all over it. For anyone who wants to see it go to the US WMTM page and click on Swiftlies s/s and scroll down mid page and you will see a video that shows this colour. I bet it's coming soon as there are a couple pants in this colour in the drop tonight.

  4. There are a few rulu items that are tempting, but I'll wait for them to get to WMTM. If they don't, that's fine, I have enough rulu to last me for years. I have jackets too, and today was 25 C in Toronto, so I can't be enthousiastic. The prices are killing me though. OT, but I was invited to one of those in store Lulu parties that Lulumum attended too. Except my experience was different. We had the DJ and 20% off, but instead of wine and beer, we had Perrier, ginger beer and sweetened popcorn. Instead of a throng, we had maybe 30 people in the store. I saw three buyers during the hour I spent there. I was not one of them…

  5. ok, is it just me or do kayak blue, beach blanket blue and shocking blue all look basically the same? i would assume my kayak blue crb is very similar or nearly identical to the beach blanket one? i love bright blue but no need for both, i would think…

    1. I thought same of fresco blue from a year ago and did notice a big difference…lol…fresco blue has more aquamarine green tone I it than bb blue. And there is a bit of a difference from kayak to bb…I think bb has more of a baby blue tone to it.. lol if that makes sense

  6. Are we ever going to get the Shibori prints in the US? That's the only thing I have any interest in. And I've given up hope of ever seeing any new original CRBs. Refuse to buy the CRB II.

  7. I splurged and got the two new colours in the Ready to Rulu pants. I'm obsessed with those pants, they're so buttery soft and comfortable. I practically live in them these days.

  8. Nothing of this interests me. I am not a runner and don't need brushed tights. I have Fleecy Keen in fuel green and like it much better than First Mile jacket. It's much more substantial. I don't care for the gathering on the back half zip. If the new Fefine was solid color I would be all over it. But this's an easy pass. I'm not a fan a Rest less pullovers. Although this print looks better than years before. I'm kinda glad there's nothing in this upload for because I ordered Fluff Off jacket in stained glass yay! I missed out on this jacket 2 or 3 years ago( it was online only) and always wanted it.

  9. Anyone else thinking that the Cold as Fluff Parka is just last year's version re-released?? I can't remember the price last year but assuming it went up the same as the Down For a Run vests did!! So frustrating!

    1. Yeah, they're raising the prices, but then you get discounts – through store events or ebates – it's kind of messed up. I'd rather the price was just the price. Makes me feel like the company is just jerking us around. Not fun.

    2. Agree with you anon 6:38AM! I don't use ebates and I don't live near a store (plus you have to be invited to these in store special discount events to begin with so most of us miss out anyway) so I find this totally unfair tbh. I don't consider ebates to be a real discount because you still have to pay the taxes on the full price of any items you purchase (which aren't adjusted after so called discount), and it can't be used in store for those of you who normally shop in store, plus, they are really just paying you to allow them and the companies partnered up with them access to a certain amount of personal info for shopping through them. Why should people who 1. don't live near a store/or who do but are not invited to the special discount events and 2. who choose not to use ebates because they prefer to shop in their local stores and see and try on items before purchasing, or who value their personal info and privacy over a measly discount, have to pay the jacked up to the point of being ridiculous and overpriced prices!? Not fair at all imo, and yes it seems like a lot of jerking around going on.

    3. (This is anon @6:18.) Another thing is that when prices are flexible, it encourages you to really question how much an item is worth to you. This isn't usually in the seller's favor, particularly for sellers of expensive workout gear, so I'm not sure why Lulu would want to play that game.

    1. The inside of the material has been brushed so it gets really soft and is a bit thicker. You can definitely notice they are a bit warmer on runs. I have never been a fan of fleece so this is an awesome option.

  10. I was hoping the Fleecy Keen's would make a comeback this year. I'm assuming the First Mile Jacket is it's replacement this season. Last year the Fleecy Keen's were $198 which was a little steep, but if they returned this year and for that price, I was definitely going to get one. The First Mile Jackets are $248 in Canada?! and $20 cheaper in the States, pfft! Why does it seem like us Canadians always get the short end of the stick? It always seems so unfair and I'm so over it. Same with the All Day Tote mini, why is this $10 cheaper in the States? It started out at $108 in Canada and was quickly reprices at $128. $10 cheaper than the full sized bag? I used to buy something every upload, every week. I haven't bought anything new in over 2 months! Which has been wonderful and freeing! But I have been able to scoop up some great older Lulu pieces that I missed out on before on the boards. For these stupid price increases that have only been pushed hard at us Canadians and the boring lack luster product, you can keep all of it. Lululemon has gotten very greedy and I don't want any part of it.

    1. we are indeed getting the short end of the stick in Canada. all retailers do this. they all justify it by saying that the Canadian market is not that big as US so we cannot have deeper discounts. then there's import taxes, duties, blah blah blah. We also get less options (less colors, less variety, smaller portions, etc). Beyond annoying! But hey, we get free universal medical care or whatever you want to call it. Which is not quite free since we still pay premiums in British Columbia!
      Rant over, lol.

    2. I agree with you ladies! But the weird thing is that Lululemon is a Canadian company, they started out in Canada and are based in Canada (as far as I know?), I thought that would make a difference but apparently not? I also thought when they raised the prices for only us Canadians on a bunch of items that that would mean we would at least finally be seeing just as many colours in said items as other countries get, but again, apparently not.

    3. I agree that the price increases don't seem justified, but the pricing differences do seem to be. I just put $228 USD into a currency conversion tool and got the equivalent being $299 CND. So that looks like the US is actually the country being asked to pay more.

    4. Wow! I had a feeling that Canadian prices don't reflect the currency rate. For instance $100 US jacket should be $126 CA and $200US $$250 CA

    5. Anon 1:34pm It would take $299. Cdn. dollars to buy $228. US dollars. I wouldn't be surprised with all the product we pay more for, when it goes on sale it goes to US WMTM and not Canada's WMTM. We Canadians are getting screwed in more ways than one.

    6. Hi, this is anon @ 1:34. Sorry, am I missing something? I think the pricing is better for Canadians, but maybe I'm just having a bad brain day.

      For the jacket to be priced the same in Canada and the US, it would have to be priced at 228 USD / 299 CND. Since it's only priced at 248 CND, Canadians are getting their jackets for roughly 50 CND *less* than we pay in the US.

      I'm fine with this, since I think Lulu's Canadian supporters played a critical role in the company's success and continued survival, but the reality is that the pricing probably has more to do with what the market will bear than what's equitable. Sigh…

    7. …but isn't LLL a Canadian company and based in Vancouver? If so then why are we talking about converting Canadian dollars into US dollars? Sorry if this is a dumb question…

      …and besides the extra price hikes for Canadians on a number of items, we seem to get the short end of the stick in lots of other ways anyway, like less product, less colour choices, less WMTM choices with crappier prices, etc etc

    8. I totally agree with you anon 7:13 pm! It's a Canadian company so why should Canadians be "penalized" for the dollar disparity with the US??

  11. My thoughts on the Florence Speed Wunders: tl;dr I think a lot of them will be returned. I didn't find them to be sheer at all, however they have no compression. I don't understand how these could be considered running tights. They slide down even on short walks. For yoga, I feel they might be a little slippery for the mat. If you have any jiggly bits, beware. No compression + thin material = jiggles. On the plus side, they are comfy as hell and the print is beautiful. I just don't think that's enough to justify the price tag.

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