Sneak Peek Of New NULUX Speed Wunder Tights Print

I first showed a sneak peek of these tights back in August [Sneak Peek Of Items To Come] but we didn’t know at that time that these where Nulux tights. I believe that these are also Speed Wunder Tights but they may be a different design. The print is inspired by glaciers. I love the blue tones and definitely want to try these on after the Florence and Marble Mix didn’t work out for me. I’m determined to find the right Nulux tights for me. 

Nulux Speed Wunder Tights These are High Times Pants

Quote from Ms. M who attended this event: “The designer said that they have fixed the printing process so that the pants won’t pull to white when stretched. I am excited about this!”

  1. Looks like my last post didn't go through. "Fixed the printing process" tells me that they know it was broken. That said, I like these colors and I'm looking forward to trying these even though I am not a fan of High Times.

  2. Zero appeal. I wouldn't even want these from wmtm and I wouldn't pay full price.

    I think it is funny that they claim they have fixed something with the fabric. Such similar/same claims, over so many years. Too little, too late.

  3. Colors are beautiful. Not sure about the print (is it the same as that horrid blue Pucci nightmare?). Not a fan of high rise, but that's not that big a deal.

    OT, but inspired by the not-so-inspiring Lulu prints: Anyone own any Werkshop pants? I'm a 6 (compression) or an 8 (comfort) in Lulu and I'm wondering how that translates. Thanks!

    1. I think you would be a M in werkshop (if you want compressive for working out)… I am the same size as you (mostly 6 once in awhile a 4, 8 for comfy pants in lulu) and am definitely a M in werkshop. I also have a couple werkshop sz L that I wear for casual use only.

    2. Thanks! I'm really overdue to branch out, so I'm thinking Werkshop and KDeer are going to get some of my shopping dollars. I miss color and I miss joyful design. Everything at Lulu is so grim. Even when there are colors, there's no happiness to the clothes.

  4. I like colours…maybe a bra will be enough….I too got some kdeer….colours…prints…cute and they fit amazing especially around my mummy tummy…the seam around hip does not pinch or dig in but they give a ton of compression

  5. So i guess the Groove line is dead… That makes me sad. I love my Grooves but hate the high waist on the version III. Maybe because flared pants are out of style? I dunno…I miss them.

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