1. If you spend much time in a yoga studio you will see this frequently. I find at the beginning of class it keeps me from slipping on my mat. Once I'm warm I pull them up. I think some just wear it like that for looks.

    2. To each their own of course, if you like it then do it! but personally I don't like the looks of it. I do lots of yoga but actually don't see this in any of the classes I've attended or maybe just never noticed.

    1. BS. They are just laying the groundwork for the company transfer to another country. We are all expecting this for a while now.

    1. maybe they are 'punishing' us for all the Facebook comments. Lulu, please know we already feel punished enough just by your product releases and prices in general.

    2. @anon 10:58 lol!! But, on a positive note I have noticed that they are improving on the colour story aspect of things. Meaning releasing matching colours and prices that are easily paired with others. ( that used to drive me crazy) on the negative side of that, the problem is I don't particularly like he pieces they are releasing. But I have been able to pick up a few things this fall, just nowhere near the normal.

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