The prices of the New York City Splatter Reflective is interesting. Lululemon had a very similar capsule to this last year with this kind of pricing and the items sat in WMTM for over a year. 

All Sport Bra Splatter Reflective $98 USD

Speed Tight Splatter *Reflective $298 USD

Hotty Hot Short Splatter *Reflective $148 USD

Cool Racerback II Splatter *Reflective $68 USD

    1. I guess in the summer I would…Because even as the sun goes down (or when it hasn't come up) it can still easily be 75-90 degrees-that's the story for about 2 months. Tops.

    2. i got the one last year, it's really great mid season with a half zip zipped all the day down. really does the job. i wore mine all the time last summer with a loose tank. after seeing items on markdown though im not buying anything full price this season (or ever at lulu again)

    3. It would have to be super early in the morning or quite late at night to run at those times in the summer… when we see the longest amount of hours in daylight… And in many parts of the world it would be just too cold at times it would be dark enough to wear this stuff… just a reflective bra or shorts or tank… honestly don't think this line is a functional as they think it is for the majority of customers.

    4. My thought exactly too. Especially in the winter hahaha I am a runner and I barely ever run in just a bra. Crossfit yes but not running.

    5. Haha it was my OP.. I do forget that other places don't have freezing winters and summers where the sun doesn't set before midnight! 😉 Here in Alberta it just isn't functional.

    6. Even now it is barely dropping below 60 at night so yes, I can pretty much run in a bra only for almost 6 months out of the year at night. Or even the very least, a tank. Which with this bra it would still light up well and show quite a bit especially the straps in the back.

      However, the prices for these are way past my budget and it's nothing a running vest and blinky lights can't solve.

  1. Very blah– nothing I see here justifies this price point. I wish LLL would do some re-releases of favorites/unicorns (i.e. quiet stripe, beachscape, etc.)… now THAT I would pay for! Not this generic crap that is bound to hit WMTM.

  2. Well I guess if they can get some people to pay $300 before lowering the prices it's still a win on their part. And they get a lot of hype! Unrelated question- does anyone know the color code NCTL? It's a navyish color. TIA!

    1. I find it so annoying when they leave out 2s and 12s. It is super frustrating. I wonder how they go about deciding which items to leave out for those sizes … like people who wear size 2 and 12 don't want those items too I guess…

    2. My guess is that 4,6 and 8 sizes are the sizes that sell through the most. The process for the reflective fabric is expensive. Any reflective anything is costly regardless of brand because of the process of making it. Given that, my guess is they probably looked at what sizes sell the most items. Probably looked at what sizes sold through the most in last year's reflective line. I'm willing to bet it was these 3 sizes. Doesn't mean 2, 10, 12 size wearers don't run but just means the bulk of the sales are probably 4, 6 and 8. It isn't a slight against the other sizes as much as it is a marketing and profit thing.

  3. So- Athleta has some really cute reflective run tights for like $90.
    I clicked on the link to see the product, and I literally snorted. No thanks. I know that LLL's last reflective capsule was priced really high like this, so they have data to work with… people MUST have bought it or there's no way they'd repeat the same. Right? Well, I guess who knows with these guys anymore. As far as I can tell, they keep making mistake after mistake… they don't seem to be learning from it, *OR* perhaps they are indeed selling product and the joke's on me.

    1. My exact thought. Athleta has some very well-priced, comfortable, functional reflective gear (not to mention their awesome return policy) that I would turn to way before this stuff. The only thing I want at all is the Hotty Hot Short, but honestly I try not to run after dark in my neighborhood (no street lights at all) anyway and the price is just absurd.
      I was thinking about going to my store tonight after work to try some new stuff and honestly seeing this email today made me rethink that decision. It made me remember why I stopped shopping here in the first place and started running to other retailers. Seeing this nonsense made me remember why I decided to stop supporting this company.

  4. i bought the reflective all sport last capsule at full price (was practical during summer runs w a loose tank) but i will not repeat. i pointed out in your last post about the absurd 300 pants! on one hand lulu does AMAZINGLY great quality reflective gear but misses HARD CORE on pricing. I'd rather wear a 9.99 walmart reflective vest than spend 100x that amount on a cute pair of pants

  5. Did the reflective special edition pieces go on online WMTM for over a year? I don't recall.

    I don't remember the Black Friday's Ravish Reptile pieces (cap/headwarmer/neckwarmer/Race with Grace p/o/ speed tights/speed shorts/pace tights) ever being on online WMTM for over a year in the US. maybe in Canada? or in the stores?

    I just remember the Lucent tight being online Markdown/WMTM but none of the other Lucent pieces.

    Love the pieces & appreciate the unique handiwork on them, but can't justify.

  6. Considering the standard when you run is to run AGAINST traffic so you can see and react if anything, having only reflective on the BACK of the tank is kind of stupid.

    My investment in a $20 Nathan reflective vest had been a great one and it shines like you wouldn't believe so paying that much for tights or shorts or bra or badly reflective tank – no thanks.

    1. Exactly. I would much rather wear one of those reflective vests over top of whatever preference of clothing I want to wear underneath. They're very effective and can be worn over anything you want!

  7. I would be tempted by the bra if it was warmer but it's cold and it won't show. Besides what the sport bra I don't find supportive enough for running with my bust.

  8. I know reflective detail is really important but I don't want to look like a lightbulb. I want reflectivity but on a much smaller scale but I have to say it looks really cool with an uncool price.

  9. I love the stuff but can't. won't pay those prices…wish it were a little more in reach. Here in our winters maybe the pants would be practical if they are brushed

  10. I bought nearly all of the Lights Out capsule on markdown or on resale at a reduced price. I love all of it. I met someone at SeaWheeze who bought it all at full price the whole capsule!) so there are people who do it. I'm sad they don't have another hat or a long sleeve shirt. I do have enough reflective stuff though, so I should be happy they are saving me money. :p

  11. I have some reflective stuff with the lace? I think it was 2-years ago. The hood is all reflective and all lace. I love it. I don't remember if I paid full. I doubt it. Not buying this, and I do run at night. Maybe a jacket that you would put on every time you ran?

    Also, is this going to be it this week, or more tomorrow?

    1. A jacket would make so much more sense imo… really have no idea why they wouldn't make a jacket, or even a vest… I mean, it's most important for reflective gear during the winter months during less daylight hours – it's darker until a little later in the morning and dark earlier in the evening… and it's colder in most places during winter… shorts, bra and tank don't make as much sense… and yes, investing in a piece like a jacket or a vest that can be worn on each run makes more sense too.

    2. @ Aliswanson: I have that jacket too–the Draft dodger jacket with reflective lace strips on the sleeve and the Bundle- Up Jacket (similar to the Fleecy Keen Jacket) with reflective lace on the entire hood.I remember those jackets were somewhat special editions for the Winter holiday but not over-priced (maybe because only the hood and some part of the sleeves had reflective details and not the entire piece like this line)?
      Most of the clothing items from the Splatter line and the Ravish Reptile Line are entirely reflective.
      Sigh,I miss those days of the feminine detailing, but I know I must move on.

    1. Use the search function at Athleta to look for "reflective."
      They have some nice tights with a significant amount of reflective detailing for $80-$90. They also have other reflective pieces… at like 1/3 of the price of this stuff!

    1. Anon 8:13, I thought the same thing! What I find amusing is that people keep saying lulu is cheaply made and looks generic. If you want to see cheaply made stuff that looks generic go to Athleta store. There's been so much negativity and whining on this blog lately. If you are that unhappy with the brand stop complaining , move on to another one. It's just a freaking clothing brand, there are hundreds of them

    2. I agree with lulumum. If you don't like suggestions for other brands or the conversation on the blogs, it seems like it would be more natural for *you* to leave and stop complaining on what seems to be a very honest and healthy conversation. If you're so bothered by people's comments go outside and get off your laptop and the blogs you find so irritating.

    3. As one of the frequent athleta posters, the reason we're excited is because athleta has really stepped up their game for fall and winter 2016. Their designs are getting better and I like some of their items the same or more than lulu (especially the casual wear!) and for a lower price. I tried on two of their reflective tights today and both were buttery-soft, comfortable, pretty, functional designs for $89 each. I ignored the company before due to some patterns I didn't like and the fact that many of their patterned items don't fit my lifting thighs. I've bought so much from them recently as their grand improvement came right as the same time as lulu's price hikes. I just want other people to know the options available, since many are still writing off athleta based on past experiences. Are the people bringing up sweaty betty, workshop, and alala also just plants, or are we maybe fitness enthusiasts with a passion for great workout clothes?

    4. The athleta references seem to come up organically in conversation where there is a nearly identical design with same materials used, so far the references have been relevant to the conversations. The 'stop the whinning' comments however don't seem to be organic to the conversation and seem to be an effort to pressure me to only write good things about Lululemon all of the time. That screams plant to me.

  12. anon 9:23 I agree! It seems that it's okay to be super negative about the brand constantly, but not okay to call out the negativity. If you do, then you must be a plant and it's not organic to the conversation. However, the Athleta comments are organic and all the negative comments are organic and the conspiracy theories are organic. Hmmm, apparently it's not possible that these could be LLL competitors or someone with a vested interest in bringing down the brand. LLL is doing a fine job of messing things up on their own, but the constant negativity and brand bashing is getting really old.

    1. Why are you taking it personally? The complaints about negativity, conspiracy theories, plants, etc are directed at the overall tone of the complete blog including the many comments in the comment section.

    2. I don't think the anti-negativity comments are aimed at you, LLM. And I don't think it's aimed at people who are offering true critiques of the brand or of specific items. It's more that there are more generally nasty comments of the, "Anyone who buys that is a fool!" variety. There was recently a rather petty discussion on LLA's blog about how anyone who says the Florence pants are sheer is just bitter because they can't afford them. I'm sure LLA wasn't thrilled to have that type of discussion on her blog and I'm sure you don't want that kind of thing here, either. I think that's the type of negativity people are eager to avoid.

    3. As a longtime blog reader, and much longer Lululemon customer (since about 2007), I want to weigh in on this.
      First- I have posted about Athleta a few times on this board. I was the person who recommended using their search function to look for reflective gear. I'm most definitely not a plant, just someone who runs in reflective gear and knows that Athleta has some good, affordable reflective pieces this season. I've also posted here other times when Athleta has come out with product similar to Lulu.
      Now, I agree with the commenter that Athleta is not amazing quality. It's good quality, priced competitively, their return policy is amazing, and the product design is solid. It's certainly no worse than Lulu these days, and as Athleta steps up their designs and fabrics, they're getting more of my attention.

      And back to the point at hand. I don't find this blog to be negative at all. Are there some negative posts? Yes. But let's take a step back here. The Lululemon designs have been more than disappointing over the last year, the fabrics have been sheer, seams are unraveling, the collections less and less cohesive. The product timing is weird, and the brand seems out of touch with its core consumers. There are many things to be critical of. However, when Lulu makes a great piece, proper credit is given. In my opinion, there is just less great and more bad these days. As a longtime Lulu supporter, I sincerely hope that the pendulum swings back and we once more have great product to drool over. In the meantime, I appreciate the candid reviews AND the look at alternative brands.

      If a whitewashed Lululemon narrative is what you're looking for, there's always the Lulu Facebook page.

      LLM- I appreciate all you do on this blog, and the fact that you don't screen comments. I always come here first to get what I think is the most honest narrative.

    4. I think it would be wrong to not allow everyone their own free speech. Everyone has their own opinions and ideas and way of seeing things and we all have to accept that whether we like it or not.

    5. Here is my problem about the complaining about negativity. I just wrote a fit review for the shibori print and because of these comments I feel I have to water down my comments about having to wash the pants minimally because of colorfast issues. This is a disclaimer from the company on how to wash a pair of leggings meant for fitness – 'wash them minimally'. I am writing a fit review post where readers expect an honest review of product, but I have to avoid being negative. Does that seem like a fair and balanced review to you if I cannot make note of issues like sheerness, colorfastness, quality? Do I have to avoid making note that an item uploaded three days before has gone to markdown? I really would like to make every reader of my blog happy and acknowledge critique, but I just don't know how to write a review if I cannot be honest. It seems really unfair to the consumer as well.

    6. Because I have been receiving this comment on every single post that has had large volume of comments. I am not moderating comments. It's unnecessary. I am very good at detecting shill comments as I've received a lot over the years. I know the brands that actively shill. Readers commenting that an Althleta vest looks similar or nicer to a lululemon vest are not shill comments. They are an extension of conversations that are happening already on the various lululemon Facebook groups by known community members, not people employed by athleta.

    7. Anon 11:46. Thank you for explaining that aspect of it. I have noticed those 'you probably can't afford it' and 'you are a fool for buying them' comments and have had it here as well and you are right, they are irritating to read. If we are to have an open forum of discussion though we are going to have to accept the variety of comments that come with that as the price we pay. I don't want to pre moderate comments that come in. It's annoying to not have comments posted in real time and have a real time discussion. And what would I base moderating a comment like that out on? 'I suspect you are being especially snarky?'. Better to just ignore that comment if you suspect it is not genuine, or address it. If I edit comments out to only have positive comments then I'm effectively curating a positive discussion around the brand. I don't want to do that either.

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