Just an FYI, the Florence tights where uploaded to the website but they only show up if you do a search for ‘Speed Wunder Tights’. There was also a big upload to WMTM with US getting an even bigger upload than Canada. I toyed with ordering the Toasty Tech Tights. I really wanted them in all black and my size was only available with the contrasted waistband. Then I remembered that we also have 8% back on ebates so I pulled the trigger. I have one pair of black grape Toasty Tech Tights that I used last year a lot for very cold soccer games with my kids, and I really regretted not getting a black pair. 

I’m glad the massive markdowns include a lot of previous years fall/winter items because it really shows how much we’ve been lacking in product assortment this season. And it’s nice to get good solid gear for markdown plus 8% rebate. 

Speed Wunder Tight NULUX Florence Print 


WMTM Upload

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Yikes! Looks like the website is now down.

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  1. I would have bought that fluffed up jacket last year if they had discounted the black one, they didn't cause I waited and waited. Instead I bought a northface and now I don't need a 150 dollar jacket on discount and I swear it wasn't 198 last year. I just don't feel like this stuff, most of which isn't great, is discounted enough. I did order a strap it like its hot tank, just cause its my favorite built in bra tank for a DD.

  2. I FINALLY got a Strap it like its hot tank! I also picked up a cross body in clouded dreams and I'm thinking about some other stuff. If anyone is looking for a winter coat, the Four the helluvit is super awesome. The outer coat by itself is as, if not more, stylish than the Fo Drizzle.

  3. They are having problems with their US & Canada websites. Not all product gets loaded on WMTM and I can't even get into the US site they have, sorry they are having a savasana moment! Congrats on your purchase LLM and an extra bonus buying it through Ebates. I saw some black Track Pants but I wasn't able to load the page to order them, hopefully they gets things fixed soon.

    1. I have those track pants and LOVE them. LOVE. For days when I don't feel like wearing tights. I already have them in black and in size four which is all that was left on the website and even still I was tempted. Ha ha! That's how much I love them!.

    2. I love mine and they are black and size 4 too! I get a lot of wear out of them so I think another pair would be a good buy especially at markdown. Now all I need is for them to fix their websites so I can get them…

  4. So frustrating, I was signed in with a couple things in my bag ready to checkout and then the site messed up… grrr…

  5. so weird, I saw that they had the devout II tee on there earlier as well as the all tied up tank! I've been wanting those!! But then I checked the site again (before it took a savasana) & they were gone. I'm assuming it was an error or something. Super weird. Really want to get the Free Spirit Tank, Salute the Sun tank, & free to be zen bra. Just annoyed at most of the older stuff has to be purchased online rather than in store.

  6. brushed speed tights and toasty tech – are they TTS, downsize or size up?? trying to decide if I should buy them.

    1. I am between sizes in Pace Rivals (6 and 8). Both fit me but I find the 6 a little too tight and they become a little sheer. Considering this, should I get the 6 or 8 in the Toasty Tech? (assuming the website will be functional again lol).

    2. Mine from last year are TTS (toasty techs) and I ordered the same this time. They do fit looser and not compressive though so I wonder if I could have gotten the all black in my size down. Ah well, the TTS is a safe bet.

    1. no wonder the site is down. lulu sent an email about an hour and a half ago instructing people to go to the WMTM page.

  7. I dont care how much of a MD Lululemon is having. If you're site isn't working, I ain't buying! moving on to websites that do work!

  8. now it's a different screen that says "we are usually awesome at this. please don't refresh your browser. you'll be bsck in the flow shortly"

  9. LLM do you know if the florence tights uploaded to Canada only? I'm wondering if they uploaded them in the U.S.? Did anyone get them in the U.S. before the website went down?

  10. I got the fluffed up jacket in white- it's so pretty and exactly what I've been waiting for the past few weeks! I was so concerned they would sell out that I quickly checked out and got it. Kinda sad that the site is down now and the email has gone out because I'm sure I won't get the speed tights or the party om bag I was considering as well, but I can live without them. It's funny though, I had a friend over this after noon and I was bragging about my great deal and she said "yeah it's been sad they keep putting out all this stuff with mesh on it like we're going into spring, it's getting cold outside!" MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY! Sad that they're recycling old gear rather than giving us some fresh stuff, but I really won't complain too much.

  11. Super annoyed with the site right now… so tired of all this Lululemon sh!t lately…

    Yeah, and great effing "deals" on Swiftlies for us Canadians (rolls eyes)… not only was there barley any choices for colours but the "markdowns" on what was there were a joke – a "new" black cherry long sleeve added for $59, whoopdeedoo, that same swiftly was left overs from last years and Swiftlies were $68 regular price then! (I guess I should be thankful it wasn't marked down a measly $9 bucks from the new regular price of $78 though) …and they felt the need to send out emails for this and crash the site!? Anyway, glad some of you managed to get some nice things for some decent prices. I wish I had of been a little quicker and placed an order before the site crashed. so ticked right now though… would have loved a couple pairs of the original skinny groove pants before they sold out too, at least they were a good deal at $59 and something I used to love but can no longer get thanks to being discontinued.

  12. Really disappointed that Canada got the short end of the sale stick again… I would have loved to buy the Fluffed Up Jacket in the stained glass nightfall, one of my favourite prints and colour. On the Canadian side there wasn't anything I really wanted or needed which is quite telling when there are over 180 items.

    1. This jacket was on Canadian wmtm back in may. I remember looking at it thinking I wish it was on US side as well since I love this color and would buy it even in may lol

  13. I have a question I hope someone can answer. On WMTM they will show a sale price as $54.-$59. was $68. Is the sale price $54. a further markdown from $59.00?

    1. Depending on color it will be either $54 or $59 or even somewhere inbetween. The swiftly tanks, ls, ss, speeds, jackets all have multiple prices for different colors.

  14. My order has shipped! Coming from Ohio though – boo. I saw the update before the email and got my order in. Got the sunway SS that was marked down further and the two neckwarmers.

  15. I picked up some Brushed Speed Tights that I'd stalked all last winter. They never came to the US website, so I was pretty happy to pick them up even though bad reviews were concerning. I'm supposed to be really cutting back on shopping, so I have mixed feelings about spending money, but it was pretty cool to get some pants I'd wanted for quite a while. Before the site went down there was a CRB I wanted, but by the time it was back up, my size was sold out.

    Love all the Stained Glass Love winter gear, but nothing was available in my size. I got the Speed Tights in that print when they came out, so I guess that should be enough, but I really haven't been loving the prints lately, so I wouldn't have minded getting more of that one.

    1. I don't know what the bad reviews were saying but I love my brushed speed tights! I'm debating on those but don't need anymore.

    2. They were mostly saying that they have seam issues and they pill. Some were also saying that they don't stay up, but I'm not concerned about that because I always use the drawstring on the Speeds I have and that's always worked fine for me.

    3. Luxtreme doesn't pill as easy as Luon. I do wonder if the pilling issues people have with a lot of stuff is that it's used for something different. i.e. – Wunder Unders fall down when you run because they aren't made for running for example, and people complain about this but they aren't using them for what they were designed for. I see people around here wearing the speed tights with boots as winter pants – the boots rubbing will make them pill. Again, not what they were designed for. They are designed for running. I haven't had any luxtreme pill from running. I run a lot and run long distance and have for a long time. I think you will like them!

  16. I am so glad that all the goodies from last year are marked down. Bought the fluff off jacket in nightfall, down jacket in alberta lake for hubby, kanto 1/2 zip, and pace rival crop. I kept going back for more since they just look so much cuter than the recent offerings.

  17. I know, it was so fun shopping once the site started working. Loved all of the older items. My wallet took a huge hit but I'm set for winter!

  18. This is making me kind of nervous, like "hey, get the rest of the old stuff while you can before we go straight up crazy with our new weird over-priced stuff no one wants…."

  19. Hi everyone, considering the essential rhythm crop in emperor blue but there is only one review. Does anyone have it and can provide feedback? TIA!

  20. I picked up the lulu II pants, I'm glad those came out again since the jogging pants this year have been so disappointing to me. Now it'd be awesome if they brought back the Cuddle Up sweats. ?

  21. I got another pair of the toasty tech tights in black and the florence lace speed wunders. Hopefully they are not sheer! They are a unique looking pant with a lot of potential. I guess I will have to wait and see when they arrive if they pass the sheerness test. They are too expensive to only be OK!

    1. HI! yes in canada but they don't show up on the site. I could only find them on the mobile app by doing a search for speed wunder and then they showed up. Hope u can find them 😉

  22. I bought mixed marble speed tights for $69 on md today. There were only 2 pairs left, my size 4 and a size 8. Really happy with my purchase:)

    1. I'm thinking about getting a pair. Do they run TTS? Glad to hear you like them, because the reviews were scaring me away!

    2. I am considering these as well but even marked down they are still $100 (tax) so they really actually have to be worth it. I have the brushed bordeaux from last year and I like as well as a few of the warmer models like toasty tech so not sure how many i need.

    3. @3:04 They aren't really sequins they are reflective dots that look like sequins. They light up nicely at night but aren't overwhelming. @4:17 I hear you. I have the Toasty Tech, two of the brushed Speeds and two pair of Runderfuls. That's probably more than enough to get me through winter. I need to stop lol.

    4. Thank you for explaining dots…I ordered a size up and next day my size was available…boo…so I hope size up aren't too loose. And when they say brushed…did you find they were a thick warm fabric?

    5. They are definitely thicker than Speed tights but not as thick as the Toasty Techs. They are really soft on the inside too.

  23. I saw the Florence tights at my store today, and I didn't even bother trying them on, I could easily see my hand through them with minimal stretching. Was going to try on the conduit tights, but the front panel had the same issue as the florence tights, though with the double fabric, the back was opaque.

    What I found hilarious was the one ED that came to talk to me, she was very nice, but even they are having a tough time justifying the sheerness of the pants. When I mentioned how sheer the florence tights were (after mentioning that I was looking for another pair of tights for crossfit), she was like oh that's because those are meant for running! So I said, so they're supposed to be see through? And she goes oh no, but they are supposed to be just a very light layer of fabric that gives you a naked sensation. Riiiiight, apparently that's the secret to running, wear see through pants so you feel naked and run faster to get home and change faster! Genius!

    1. Haha, that is hilarious! …it's also kind of sad though… They just want to sell the pants to anyone willing to be suckered, and shamefully at a very high price too. They are blatantly lying and trying to justify the sheerness by saying that they are only meant for running when they were marketed as being for "run, train, yoga" and it really doesn't matter what they are for anyway pants shouldn't be sheer.

    2. LOL! That's like a classic nightmare: I was running and suddenly I realized I was wearing Lululemon pants and everyone could see everything! Lulu is getting closer and closer to being the incarnation of the Emperor's New Clothes.

  24. I bought the florence tight as I did not find them sheer…I even placed the tag strategically so I could see it when I did bend test. I couldn't see tag…so I'm surprised to hear people say they are sheer. Now I did buy tts and found them to be a tiny bit slack at top of back side of my leg…so they Def are not super stretched out in tts. I know price tag is steep so I'm wondering g if that is why people are looking that close for them to be sheer. They are no more sheer than the dottie tribe…and the dottie tribes sold out once people got past price tag. Both florence and dottie are fairly unique pieces and maybe that's why I like them

  25. I actually like both the dottie tribe and the florence tight. I know they are similar in coloring but I find the 'style' of them quite different ie. tribal vs. i don't know… renaissance? I don't know… I don't know much about styles but I could see myself buying them both because they seem different enough despite their similarities. Not sure if that made sense.

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