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My husband and I had a funny conversation the other day that resulted in my returning the First Mile Jacket. It started with me getting his opinion between two sizes, at which point he offered the irrelevant opinion that he didn’t like the jacket. Whatever, boys don’t understand. He didn’t like it because it was military green and bulky. Several hours later, he sent me a text message (from another room in the house), which read ‘was that jacket really $277?????!!’. He wasn’t getting mad at me for spending that amount because I cover my miscellaneous spending, he was just judging me hard that I would spend that amount on that particular jacket. I ended up returning the jacket somewhat begrudgingly, in hopes that I would be able to snag one marked down.  This weekend I started shopping around on eBay looking for similar wintery items and I found two things for steals and it made me remember the great items Lululemon has put out in the past. Both items combined came in way under the total of the First Mile Jacket, so yay to that!

Post Chaturanga Pullover

I tried this on years ago but it was so warm and thick because of the sherpa fleece that I didn’t see myself ever wearing it. My kids where really little at that time and I didn’t foresee the awfulness of soccer through the winter. Now, I need warm thick things. This is the perfect sweater to layer over a tee shirt and under a jacket. 

Run Inspire Pullover

I used to own this pullover and in a moment of weakness I sold it, and really regretted it ever since. That’s 4 years of regret! Every so often I scour eBay for it but it always pops up in the wrong size. The other day I found it in my size, and someone local to me was selling it! It arrived two days ago and I am so happy. Reunited!

  1. I am totally on the same page! After their lack of good winter jacket options, I purchased a fluff off jacket in Zinfandel from a few years ago. Way nicer and warmer! Pretty colour and warmer than the first mile by a long shot! I spent less than I would have at lulu !

  2. Yeah I have to agree with him. I passed on the jacket for that reason… I thought is this jacket really worth it and that nice for the $$. Nope.

    1. don't get me wrong, I still really love the jacket. The price is just all wrong for it and it's not as nice as what else $277 can buy.

  3. Lol I've been scouring eBay too for missed items. I've been trying to hunt down a pair of ghost herringbone wup and finally scored them! Also a few other items I missed out on before. I ended up spending all the extra $$ I had on several ítems and had nothing left for the massive markdown items uploaded on Friday. Not disappointed at all ?

    1. Honestly, it isn't that great and especially isn't $300 great. It's ok, I kind of like it and I kind of don't, haven't seen it in person and not sure how exactly I feel about it but in a way it is kind of giving off a tacky kind vibe imo, maybe it's the weird looking panels in the back especially over the butt area. As someone else noted in comments here on the blog in another post somewhere, it looks like something Michael Jackson wore… or like some kind of 80's motorcycle jacket… or something… not sure best way to describe it… regardless, the jacket is way overpriced either way…

  4. I tried to love this jacket as well. The colour was great, the warm puffy parts great, but I hated the plain back and side panels. For the money I wished it was all puffy!! I found the mixture of textures very unflattering on me. Oh well money saved.

  5. I have spent more on eBay these past 3 months than with Lulu directly. The old quality Lulu is worth it, even if I have to pay more, yet I often don't have to on eBay. Thank goodness for eBay.

  6. Lol I have never bought off ebay for fear of fakes. I just bought a spring has sprung glow and go jacket and have done nothing but wonder if it could be a fake…for this reason I will buy direct….

    1. I too have never purchased lulu off of ebay, or anywhere else. I've only ever purchased lulu directly from Lululemon store or Lululemon website. I have also never sold any of the lulu I've purchased, and it has been a lot, I'm a total lulu addict (but there is a line I will not cross unlike a lot of other lulu addicts and that is that I don't search out things I've missed out on or can't get in my own country, no matter how much I would have loved to get something). Almost my entire wardrobe is lulu, with a few exceptions, I'm lucky in that I can wear lulu daily. Reason I never sell is because I only buy what I plan on keeping and wearing, if I happen to order online something that doesn't work out (this doesn't happen often though, as said I only buy what I plan to keep, but once in a while some things don't work out as expected) I return it to Lululemon store and get my money back or exchange for something else (normally always exchange lol, there is usually always something that I want). I don't buy off ebay or elsewhere for a few reasons, number one being that I don't want to take chances with my personal info or my money, other reasons being that I really don't like the idea of wearing something that belonged to someone else, especially someone I don't even know and lulu is primarily meant for sweating in and the thought of wearing something someone else has been sweating in gives me the creeps even knowing that it's been washed haha, also, it helps keep the addiction from getting out of line, it curbs the amount of money I would probably end up spending if I didn't draw the line somewhere, and honestly think it curbs the lulu obsession as well haha, as not always searching things out and I get over any thing I've missed out on or can't get (there is usually always something new coming anyway, at least there used to be, these days it's getting kind of iffy in the amount of desirable things they're putting out).

  7. I really like the first mile jacket too but would not spend more than $150 on it. I splurged on a fleecy keen one last year ( the white with the black strips on the collar ) but do not find it as comfortable as I would like it to be. I also really like the down for a run jacket in grevvy ( it has great details on it) but the price is too steep. I will wait for Markdown or simply pass…. That post chatarunga pullover is beautiful!!!! Hopefully this phase of Lulu will pass and it will become great again…,

  8. I'm totally on a kick of buying Lulu on eBay! It's often about half the price, and better made! Although it is easy to get burned by dishonest sellers (like-new condition had a damn hole in it plus heavy pilling) and weird fits if you didn't get a chance to try it on previously. Love that black pullover!

  9. I don't blame you one bit taking back the First Mile Jacket and getting these two beauties. I am jealous because I would love to have both those pullovers in my collection. As for the First Mile Jacket, I liked most things about it but not enough to pay the steep price tag. The fit on me was not good in the upper body and and lack of thumbholes was a big sticking point and then there wasn't a colour I wanted so it was an easy pass for me. I hope there will be a better version of this jacket next year, so in the meantime I have my Kanto Katch Me and Rush Hour Jackets for early Fall then my Fleecy Keen for colder days. I really wanted the Down For A Run Vest in Inkwell but it's sold out online and so I called a store in Calgary that had my size in stock but they never returned my call so I said forget about it, their loss not mine.

  10. I just bought the fleecy keen jacket on eBay yesterday. Can't wait to get it in the mail! I wanted to share that Athleta recently had a stellar upload and they have a version of the first mile jacket for $149.99 that looks promising it's called the rock springs jacket.

  11. NYC reflective capsule is now live on lulu's site; you'd think they'd have learned to price more realistically considering items from their last reflective capsule ended up on WMTM or unsold FOR MONTHS!!!

  12. I've been buying on ebay from two particular sellers for the past 3 years and nothing but positive experience. These two sellers sell mostly new lulu things. Harvard4me and brownuniversity-usa. Nice sellers and I don't feel ripped off. I've also bought from missyrmom.

  13. I love eBay for lulu! I'm buying more lulu from ebay than anywhere else and am more satisfied with the quality, buying experience, and unique hard to find products.

  14. He's really right because it's just a fleece jacket not warm enough for really cold and too thick for cool weather. I've worn my Bordeaux once and the navy one 4 -6 times.

  15. I really want the new military green jacket too but it is horrendously overpriced. I have recently been buying vintage goodies on eBay as well. It's insane how much better quality everything is, and the detailing?! Ruffles or intricate zipper detailing, metal lulu logos on the actual zipper/buttons. It's insane how much the brand has changed. I miss the old stuff. Thank goodness for eBay!

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