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I finally just did my own Lululemon order to test out the ebates about an hour ago and my rebate has processed, so it does work for Canadians!! I ordered the Pencil Lace Brave Olive Wunder Under Pants ($98).

As you can see here it was on the Canadian Lululemon site, but US ebates site so it converts the CAD to USD. 

At some point this afternoon the 6% cash back changed to 8%! I really hope the ebates rebate sticks around during the holiday shopping season. 

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    1. lol, I agree, they must be getting desperate.

      Honestly, crappy stuff aside… are people really that much more motivated to buy just because they're offering a measly percentage back…and to even get that money back into your own pocket you must first jump through hoops!? I mean, I guess if you're going to buy something anyway then you may as well get whatever you can back, especially if you're already signed up for and using ebates… Personally, I'm not signed up and don't intend to, even though I'm still purchasing staple items from LLL on a regular basis. Sure, I'd really appreciate whatever discount I could get, but I'm just not into this whole signing up for something I really don't want to thing just to get it. One less thing to worry about/bother with/keep tabs on is more worth it to me than a few extra bucks on whatever items I purchase. Plus, I'm not someone who is motivated by sales and discounts into making purchases I wouldn't have otherwise made anyway (although a sale or discount on something I planned to buy and use anyway is absolutely appreciated). I just don't think it's fair that those of us who aren't comfortable with the idea of signing up for and using ebates and who are loyal customers end up having to pay the ridiculously inflated regular prices that we're seeing these days. Oh well, if they continue on this path they're heading down then there won't be anything left that I want to purchase anyway.

    2. If you online shop on a regular basis Ebates is totally worth the sign up. Every 3 months they send me a check and all I had to do was click on the pull down that pops up to activate. It's not a lot to do to get cash back on online purchases. I've been using ebates for a couple of years now and have the address bar widget – it automatically drops down if there's a rebate so I really don't have to do anything except click on it. It doesn't motivate me to buy stuff I wouldn't but it's nice to get cash back for buying what I was going to buy anyway.

  1. I used it the other day and noticed it converts to us then applies 6 percent. I just noticed it went up to 8 percent and had made some in store purchases the other day….thinking of buying thru ebates and returning in store….it amounted to at least 150…2 bras and a crb….

    1. You need to sign up on Ebates.com and through that site you will find LLL and it automatically takes you to the Canadian website where it will apply the cash back on purchases which as mentioned above will be in US dollars.

  2. So I guess this means our cash back payment will be in US dollars. It's interesting to see their percentage is always changing, I guess that it keeps us looking and when we see it higher it's a little bigger push to make us buy something. I do know that I will do my buying online versus in store which is one way they are trying to increase their online sales.

    1. I agree, I think they are desperate to make some online sales happen! Makes me wonder why? Are they trying to prove to stakeholders that the online is a better option than stores? Are they trying to cut down on spending by closing down some stores? I imagine it is a lot cheaper to operate an online business. Questions, questions…

    2. I'm betting they lost a lot of online traffic with the re-design of the website. Mostly because it sucks and is hard to navigate and it has so much less information on it now.

  3. You end up paying the full tax on the items purchased – you don't get any kind of refund on the taxes – so even though you end up getting a bit of cash back on your items later on, the taxes are still charged to the items full price to begin with, so there is that to factor into whether or not it's worth it as well. The taxes where I live are high 🙁

    Agree with the poster above. It is ridiculous and I am not buying into it either. What are they up to with all this pricing craziness… the unjustified and insane price hikes, the random discounts for a selected group of people, ebates… all this is just something else to add to the growing list of things that are turning me off the brand…

  4. Heck if I'm going to get a bit of money for what I do spend why not….and going into Christmas season..sure. it's not Making me buy more but what the heck..if I accumulate 100 at end of quarter why wouldn't I want that….

  5. Anon 3:01a.m. Exactly, why wouldn't I go through Ebates if there is something I want to buy? Whether it's 6 or 8% it isin't much in the scheme of things but it's something and it would be like throwing money away by not going through Ebates when it's there for the taking. The only issue I have buying through Ebates is I no longer will be supporting my local store, which is a great store with great employees. Lululemon in Ebates in no way cheapens the brand which is evident when you see all the other big name brands and stores that are involved as well. Lululemon needs to move their inventory and increase online sales so this is just another avenue in which to do it at a small discount, but a discount nonetheless.

    By the way LLM after I made my first purchase through Ebates my "Ebates Button" no longer appears when I go into LLL website. I do, however, have a tiny black and white button now beside my search bar, did this happen to you?

  6. OT – did you guys see the WMTM this morning (Canadian side)?? Holly molly, they loaded up a whole bunch of old stuff. I think they are desperately trying to clear some inventory up before the holidays.
    I think I will just sit back and wait for Boxing day sales. At this rate they are going to have plenty of inventory left. It makes me think no one is buying anything. Take that lulu!

  7. I thought something was wrong with me when I hit refresh on WMTM and the item numbers jumped from 158 to 259. I actually had to get up and walk away, so I could look again. Crazy!!!! Grabbed a LS swiftly for $39. An older one, but still a nice price and pretty color.

    1. Well, in Canada we get the marked down LS Swiftly for $54 and $59. So not much of a deal. Lulu can wait for me to spend this money until Boxing Day.

    1. I am trying to decide between the Brushed Speed Tights and the Toasty tech ones. Any suggestions?
      I am always cold. I also plan to use these during winter snowshoeing and snow hiking.

    2. I'm considering the reflective brushed speed tights as well. I've been running early morning lately and it's pitch black. Wondering if these have enough reflectivity to warrant the $89. And whether they are actually warm. It's cold here in Alberta at 6 in the morning!!

    3. I am the original poster… i have the speed tight cozies from a couple years ago. I love them. I would go TTS and definitely don't size up, as the speeds can have a slippage issue if they are too big. The toasty techs I have in the same size as the speeds (my TTS). I like both. The toasties are slightly warmer I think. I like both a lot! If I had to pick one, I would probably go toasty techs, but those reflective dots are sooooo cute (enough that I bought them even though I already have plain black!)

  8. …and Canada gets the shaft yet again…

    We have a lot of items on WMTM this week *BUT* not anywhere near as many choices as the US has…

    I would have loved to order a bunch of the Swifties the US got… I'm pretty bummed about this right now 🙁

    1. Honestly I am somehow used to this by now. In Canada we always get the short end of the stick when it comes to retailers. Never mind Lulu is a Canadian company. It means sh… to them. All retailers are focused where the big bucks come from and Canada is not large enough 🙁
      I stopped watching the US side of the website because I always got upset when I see how many items there are in US.

    2. I know the US always gets more on their WMTM but come on now we Canadians should get as many items when it comes to big time sales, not fair at all. I would have bought at least 3 things on the US side and I bought zero items on ours.

  9. Just tried to order some original Skinny Groove Pants and it won't let me add them to my bag. Guessing they are now sold out and I missed out 🙁 I really wish they would bring these back (and the original Groove Pants too!) really missing both these styles with the original waistbands – the new waistbands suck therefore have not been purchasing any since the old ones are gone.

  10. What is going on with WMTM?! Is the company going out of business so they're clearing out their warehouse? Random old colors keep popping up for the CRB I. I just picked one up in heathered menthol.

    I'm waiting to see if the price on the Groove Pant III goes down another $10 and maybe then I can justify buying a pair even with the abysmal reviews.

    1. Things have been weird lately and have been wondering if this company is tanking… or getting ready for a sell out/take over or something…

    2. LLM I am thinking same too! Each day I'm waiting for the press release announcing they've been bought. And I surely wonder if they haven't done certain things over the past year in order to 'prepare' the company for the take over. Things like lowering quality, pissing off customers, discontinuing loved items, releasing sheer fabrics, etc. I don't think these are all coincidence.

    3. on the same note (and I know this is conspiracy theory) but makes you wonder if Piotdevin was not strategically placed at LLL. What if he know of the plan of another company interest in LLL and he made all these decisions in order to devalue the brand and make it cheaper for others to buy it??

    4. Either bought out or Potdevin fired after their stock tanking $20.00 in the span of a month and from the looks of it their 3rd & 4th qtr numbers won't help.

    5. I guess the plan was: expand capacity (through more stores and fixing the production chain), raise margins (higher prices and lower quality), and make money. Unfortunately, they thought brand loyalty or brand appeal would be enough for people to accept poor quality and higher prices. That might – might – have been the case, but pissing off loyal customers (through discontinuing classic items, stupidly redoing the website, and killing HLL) and offering piss poor new designs means that things are not working out as planned. Frankly, they aren't going to woo back the bitter former Lulu lovers with discounts. They need to bring back the classics and offer decent new items. Discounts just encourages discount buys, not loyalty.

    6. They have been extremely weird and I'm also wondering the same. I told my husband a few days ago that I bet they will be bought out by Nike or Under Armour in the next three months. It seems like Potdevin is doing a lot of back end upgrades, but ignoring the product merchandising end of the business.

    7. I think a lot of it could have been from the outlets. I went to one in Maine the other day that had two of the Stained Glass Love jackets – size 12 in white. Is it possible they managed to hook up the website to the outlets so that they can move some of that stock more effectively? That sounds too advanced for Lulu. Sending an email blast that brings down the website is more their level, unfortunately.

    8. WAY too advanced for Lulu to be able to do something like that! Lol! I'm guessing they found old stock in a move. Now….where are those QS speed shorts at…..

  11. Thanks lulumum! I finally used your link and signed up for ebates :). Hope it works! I wish I started using this sooner!

    1. I did too using her link. and it works! I'm in Canada and I logged in thru ebates.com. purchased on lulu website and just got an email that they credited my account. yay! thanks so much LLM!!

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