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Florence Speed Wunder Tights are Out (Limited Release) and Last Nights Store Appreciation Event

Florence Speed Wunder Tights are Out (Limited Release) and Last Nights Store Appreciation Event

Two (local lululemon) newsworthy mentions today. A few select stores (very select) recieved a shipment of the Florence Speed Wunder Tights yesterday. In Vancouver only the Richmond store received them. I’ve only heard of one other store in Calgary and one in Edmonton receiving them. Yesterday I called around to several Canadian stores and it seemed these where very random and limited releases. I assumed that my store would have them for yesterday evenings Appreciation Event (20% off shopping event), but they didn’t have them in. The first two people that have tried them on and where as excited about them as I was, where very dissapointed. They are very, very sheer. Much sheerer than the marble print. The other issue is that the mesh background print is very widening and not slimming at all. I’m still going to give them a try but I really don’t think spending $150 on these after tax is worth it at all. Shame on lululemon for hyping such a disappointing product so hard. 

Speed Wunder Tight NULUX Florence Print

As I mentioned above, yesterday was my closest stores customer appreciation event which was my first time going to an in store Lululemon event. I had no idea what to expect and I must say I was very surprised. I showed up at 7:30 sharp as the evite stated but the party was well under way with packed store. There was at least 500 people in the store, and some catering and beer and wine stations and a DJ. I wish I had known to show up earlier because earlier in the day I had scoped out some items I was interested in grabbing (black run vest or puffy vest, Sattva sweater, Lakeside Define Jacket, Like Nothing Tights) and by 7:30pm all of these items (except the Define) was sold through. The majority of the crowd invited where local first responders (Police departments, fire, ambulance) and they where being extended invitations into the R&D discount program (usually offered to fitness professionals) which I thought was cool. For them, I believe they got the 20% off store appreciation discount plus the R&D 15% discount – although the R&D discount may have been applicable to future purchases. I saw a lot of my gym friends there as I work out with a lot of first responders and it was really fun to run into them at this type of an event. Three of us should have been at Olympic lifting class but we bailed to be at this event. 

The event was so SO packed that the lineup to pay was an hour long and it wound around the entire store front to back then front again. It was almost impossible to browse so you pretty much had to know what to grab as you made your way past the clothing. I was surprised not only at the turnout but that the crowd was equally male to female (due to targeted invitees). It was a fun and rowdy crowd and not what I would expect for a lululemon shopping event. I meant to go in to the store today to see what kind of inventory they had left because people last night where shopping by the bundles. The eds where super helpful as well and running for sizes for people, and then approaching people that where in line to pay to ask each person if they found the sizes and items they had been looking for. 

I think it’s really interesting that Lululemon is doing this type of large scale across the board discount on not marked down items (not final sale BTW), and participating in ebates to entice shoppers. I was thinking that this was this years version of a warehouse sale but that isn’t right because the warehouse sale discounts stale items, not all current items. 

Some blurry photos just so you get an idea of how crowded the event was. 

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  • Wow thanks for sharing…wonder if you needed to show invite or if everyone could get discount? I would love 20 percent off …that's crazy…no wonder it was so busy. The florence tights were in my ontario store this morning …I was quite surprised as I didn't expect them at all…and if so at the Toronto stores. I didn't find them sheer…not any worse than other tights…I was wearing grey thongs but I tried to see label and couldn't see it. The pattern does have a widening affect but so does the dottie tribe. I was a bit surprised to learn they were $138….

    • I actually don't find the Dottie Tribe widening – they are one of my fav tights. I'm not sure if I'm interested in the florence though since they are "similar" to DT and now that we know they are sheer. Too much for sheer pants that are similar to DT.

  • Thank you for giving us a report about this Lulu event. I am invited too to my closest Lulu store on Friday. I had no idea what to expect, so I will be there before the stated time, and I will also scope out in the afternoon what I want to buy! I am quite amazed that there was such a crowd, I thought it would be mainly people drinking and enjoying themselves, like at a real party. I guess I'm a bit naive and the draw of 20% off is irresistible for the attendees at these events…

  • Is it really a sale when it's jacked up 20% to begin with?! You're paying regular price at best. Guess it's working though…

  • It is very sad that the long-awaited and much-hyped Florence crops are see-through. What a flop. I was never interested in this print, because I don't like it, but I feel sorry for the people who will order them online without knowing this fact.

  • I didn't find them sheer…I was wearing grey thongs but I did position the tag to see if I could see….put it to you this way. .it is no more sheer than dottie tribe….they are very expensive which is likely the reason people will find fault with them. I love them. I would not size up as they are very stretchy and there would be excess fabric around back of thighs for me as I don't have heavier legs…

  • I also tried them on in my TTS (size 4), took the same kind of photo as your reader and they were not sheer on me. I could see the hang tag through the material but not my pink underwear. I bought them for now but the price was steep so may still return them.

  • I tried on the Florence tights as well and didn't find them sheer, but I'm also between sizes and went with my size up. The lace on the back was flattering on my butt because of the pattern lines. I do wonder why they did such a limited release though.

    • It's by invitation only. Some stores actually had a name/check off list to be allowed in. I don't know if all the stores were this strict but mine was.

  • You can clearly see how sheer they are in these pictures and yet we have people posting here saying they are not, very confusing. It reminds me of the blue dress/yellow dress phenomenon where people looked at a picture of a dress and some people saw a yellow dress and some saw a blue dress. I know the marbled print was sheer just by putting my hand under the fabric and obviously these are the same. They absolutely know there is a sheerness issue with these but they need to sell them so they are doing limited releases to build up hype again and test the waters for feedback/backlash!

    It sounds like the event you attended was a success for the store and for many customers who were able to get a decent discount. It's nice to hear first responders were given access to the R&D discount program. I have to wonder how much of yesterday's new product drop moved at the event, any City Bound Dresses left in the store???

    • Yet one of them commented that they could see the hang tang through the material and still claimed they weren't sheer? I consider seeing the hang tag to be sheer!

    • If I moved the hang tag out of the way, you couldn't see anything. Not my underwear, nor my skin and I contorted every which way. I don't care if you don't believe me.

    • I think a lot of the difference in reports has to do with lighting and the type of underwear you're wearing as well as your expectations/needs. If you want to wear hot pink underwear or go commando, you really want your pants to be opaque. Of course, you can always wear nude underwear under your pants, but at these prices, you shouldn't have to add a layer if you don't want to.

      Also, with the history of pantsgate, one would expect all Lulu pants to be opaque and they just aren't, which speaks volumes about how highly they regard customer feedback.

  • I found this a lot when I worked in a LLL store. I have a small waist and curvy rear. Certain fabrics would go sheer on me and not on other people, just due to the fact the fabric was stretched further. Even in my TTS certain ones just didn't work for me.

  • I was invited to an event at my store last night (Regina). You had to have been invited, they were checking people off the list as they came in. It started at 7pm sharp. There was live music, wine, a perogy station and Lindt chocolate. Everything was 25% off, including the outlet section (our store is a hybrid).

    I have been to a customer appreciation event twice before, also 25% off but with a restriction of no black wunder unders or high times. So I was surprised when there wasn't anything off limits. The Florence tights were there but tucked along a wall not out on display.

  • I went to my store's event tonight. Showed up promptly at 9 pm like the invite stated. Left at 9:30. While I was in-store, it seemed like only 20-25 people were there. They had 3 trays of appetizers and the same for desserts. I bought a Define jacket & Circuit Breaker skirt for 20% off. I had been looking for the Coco pique Vinyasa scarf & All Day Mini tote but those were not available. I guess I would go to this type of event again if I had the evening free, but if I didn't, I wouldn't change my plans just to be able to attend.

    • same as some stores have final sale policy and other don't. and some have products on markdown while others don't (for the exact same product)

  • I just got back from the event in Mississauga, Ontario. It was dead! Less people were there than a regular shopping day at Lulu. There was no line up to pay because there was no one buying anything.
    The Florence Speed Wunder Tights were there, and the 20% discount applied. I tried them on and could not believe how sheer they were. Without bending, you could see the rip tag. The design is also not slimming at all. I am an 8 in everything Lulu, and felt that my backside was enormous in these. Something about the print makes me look very wide. The sheerness though, it was unbelievable. Do not buy them.
    There were a few items I wanted to purchase at this event, but my store did not receive them (or did not put them out) including the Jet Set Blue define and free to be wild. I also wanted to try a lightweight fleece scuba or Get Low tank but no stock. No new Align colours. Very very disappointing. I walked out with a Free to be Tranquil bra.

  • Super irritated that I signed up to be informed of the Florence tights release but wasn't emailed. Glad they are crappy see through so I won't bother tracking them down. I'm also annoyed that I didn't get an invite to this event considering what I spend and the frequency I go in store.

    • I hear you! I'm not on any stores email lists now, so I guess that's why I didn't receive any invites either. But as you said – super glad they are sheer because now I don't want them. Also like hearing they are not slimming – so this will cut down my desire also.

    • I'm not sure all stores are having these. Lulu gives their stores a lot of discretion about how to give discounts, so some stores might think it's not worth it to have 25% off. Yes, they move product, but they give up a lot of profits.

  • You know it's funny… I was considering picking up the jet blue define… But why should I bother? If they invite a select group for the discount, why should I be a sucker and pay full price? Also, I've noticed, with regards to sheerness it totally varies even within the same style and color. I've tried on pants in my tts 6 and size up 8 (small waist and curvy bottom), and read reviews that say they are totally opaque and they have been sheer in both sizes. I've also tried on pants that others reported sheer and they were opaque on me. So, if you like something just try it on! I think you've got a 50/50 shot of it working ;). Just my personal experience.

    • I hear you! It's really not fair that only a selected few are able to get the "discount" (in brackets because it's only bringing the price back down to be more like what it really should be, imo) while others who want to purchase something have to do so at the overinflated regular prices.

    • exactly! I find it very annoying and quite insulting that only a few 'chosen' ones were invited. I also think it's very shady since they didn't make public the criteria on how some people were invited. I guess I am not important enough to deserve an invite.

    • I think it's insulting and annoying too. I've spent a ton online and my local store happens to carry very few new products or at least carry them late and no good colors so I barely buy from them. Nowadays I'm branching out to other brands though and they offer far greater deals than 25% off with no returns.

  • I tried on the Florence tights here in Calgary tonight and I was surprised to find that they were not sheer on me and I went with my TTS size 8. The pants themselves were very comfortable and I feel they'd be great to work out in but I found the print to be too busy for my petite yet curvy frame. It was definitely giving a widening affect where you don't need it. Overall I found them to fit well and didn't find they were sheer but the print wasn't doing anything for me for the price. Does anyone know if any Calgary stores have had any of these discount events? I frequent the 3 in the city but haven't seen or heard anything of the sort.

  • The Florence pants aren't even that nice, imo. They look kind of ugly in the photos above to be honest, sheerness issues aside.

  • Whatever, not tempted on anything they have been designing lately so even at 25% off I would never buy it. Glad some people are enjoying their bs!

  • I was at a store (Toronto) yesterday and non of the educators had heard of a store appreciation event. They say different stores have different promotions and they just receive instructions from the office. Apparently the store I go to is relatively small and won't be organizing this kind of event.

  • My store had 25% off everything. You are allowed to exchange stuff (but no returns). They also allowed us to get 20% markdowns so the one pants I wanted were $98 on for $69. Then an additional 20% off so ended up $55+tax. There was probably about 100 people or so last night from 9-11pm. Very late night. Store was way too crowded and hot. Could barely move. I liked last year event better (25% off everything and 50% off markdown original price!!!)

    • Wow…now is it "it is","its" or "it's"….I'm just thankful she updates us with latest…I don't focus on correcting grammar as I'm sure she may be giving us the scoop quickly and may not always catch grammar errors….

  • The mesh background print is ugly. A lot of us complain about all the mesh they add to crops and pants these days and then they go and design pants that are totally covered in a mesh print, lol, and with them being so see through they may as well just be totally made from actual mesh or pantyhose!

    On a more positive and serious note, I do however like the idea of a using a floral print (the lace floral is ok, but would be more beautiful with just regular flowers, and colour would be nice too) along the sides of the pants. The mesh print part is really ugly looking though and makes them look trashy.

    • I don't think I was on the original invite list. I was in store the week before and one of the eds I know asked me if I'd received the email. I told her I hadn't so she asked me to write my email address down for her and by the time I got home I had an invite in my inbox. It sounds like they targeted just first responders and their plus ones but I'm not sure how they had that specific email list. Maybe they sent it to their work who forwarded it.

  • My local store had their appreciation night and it was not super packed which was nice. It was a good crowd and thankfully the line ups weren't bad at all. I'm not sure how I got on their invite list but I was grateful to receive one. I bought a rush hour jacket with the discount. My store also received the Florence tights earlier this week and pretty much sold through. By the time I left, I only saw a size 2 left on the racks. I tried them on – it was strange in that if I put my hand under the fabric and stretched it, it seemed see through but when I had them on, they weren't. I really liked them but they weren't supportive at all. I like the feeling of being held in and this didn't have it. It really is "naked sensation".

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