Finally!!!! Fall/Winter 2016 wonderfull goodies are finally here! But unfortunately this means this is going to be a very pricey upload for those of you that love Lululemon’s fall/winter gear the best. This was a huge product dump at my store and there where a lot of items I wasn’t able to try on. Lots of fleece run tights in the ‘First Mile’ range, jacquard textured wunder unders, jacquard textured CRB’s and more. 

I’m going to definitely be using my Ebates Coupons and Cash Back tonight to get my 8% cash back and I suggest you guys do that too. With this kind of pricey upload, 8% back will be a lot more substantial of a return.

First Mile Jacket TTS 10

**what a burn. I just realized this jacket is $20 more expensive for Canadians than it is for US shoppers** 

I fell in love hard with this jacket. I didn’t want to because this jacket rings in at a whopping $277.76 with taxes and that is exquisitely unfair and overpriced. The jacket is so beautifully designed and soft and warm though. It is a brushed tech fleece fabric so it is NOT like the Fleecy Keen Jacket, but stylistically it is similar. I prefer this to the Fleecy Keen though because I always found the FK too hot and bulky and really boxy on me. This jacket is very warm and thick but without the bulk. The quilted glyde portions feel really thick and I love that it’s a more matte finish on the glyde. This jacket is as substantial as the Fleecy Keen, but a far better design in my opinion. This is my TTS 10 and I was surprised it wasn’t tighter. I sometimes find jackets of this type too form fitting on me so I size up but then I get a too bulky look around the chest and shoulders. This fit just right in my regular size in the chest, arms and hip area. 

First Mile Jacket

First Mile 1/2 Zip form fitting TTS 10

I also really liked this First Mile 1/2 Zip a lot. I’ve never purchased a tech fleece half zip from Lululemon and regretted not getting one last year when I spent countless hours on the soccer field with my kids through the winter. I would have preferred this pullover in a size up because it is form fitting and as you can see in the photo, you can see the crinkles from my shirt bunching up underneath. I don’t think you sacrifice style or shape by sizing up in this top so if you are hippy or busty or you have a bit of a tummy, I think a size up is a size choice – but TTS is not overly tight. If I wasn’t really wanting to splurge on the jacket from above I would have definitely picked this 1/2 zip up.

First Mile 1/2 Zip

Brave The Cold Jacket TTS 10

Oh no! Why?! Why must I fall in love with two jackets on the same week? I rarely like long quilted down jackets on me because I am hippy and they are never a-line enough for my shape, or flattering. This one is different. It is cut to perfection for us hippy types with the perfect amount of flare at the hem so that you can still sit, move around and the jacket does not ride up. I also find the variation in quilting sizing with the wider sized quilting at the bottom, and the narrower quilting at the top. When I attempt to size up in previous years jackets (3x A Lady) I get a slightly looser fit around the hip but still not quite enough, and a really large fit at the chest and shoulders. This is an extremely pricey jacket at $300, and it’s not waterproof so I really can’t justify it since when I need this kind of warmth I am outdoors, and it’s invariably also raining, but also, the jacket is thin and not incredibly warm. But man, I really like it a lot.  

Brave The Cold Jacket

  1. Wow just wow on the prices. Wonder if the long down coat is like the 3 x lady ? It seemed super thin. I do like it. The fleece jacket is priced very unreasonably I think. I always thought that on the fleecy keen got both mine on sale. Lulu makes it hard for me to love ❤️ due to $$$$$

  2. Both jackets look really nice on you, especially the First Mile Jacket in olive color. The prices are hard to swallow though. I got the 1-Time-A-Lady jacket a couple years ago which is light but warm, and I remember paying $198 plus tax only.

  3. The fleece jacket looks good for winter runs when its cold but not sure how it would be if you add a strong prairie wind. Love the look of the first mile 1/2 zip! I have a couple rulu pullovers that are good for cold weather running and skiing that layer well under a softshell or windbreaker, I just can't justify the price of the first mile 1/2 zip.

    The Brave the Cold jacket looks fantastic on you! But not sure its practical with no DWR or windstopper.

  4. Lulumum that Brave the Cold jacket looks so fantastic on you ☺️ Out of all the reviews I've seen on you this is by far my favourite for you! Sell some of your lulu that you dont wear and buy that jacket ?

    1. I am really wanting to. I'm going to return several items tomorrow and hopefully sell some so I feel less guilt about the stupid price.

  5. Brave the Cold Jacket looks really flattering on you. Can you verify the colors are more washed out in person than on the website regarding the darkest magenta First Mile Jacket? The purple looks so much more saturated on the modeling photos via website. TIA!

    1. If it helps, the purple is a pretty, eye-catching color, but I think the green is better on you. With the green, i think the focus goes to you, rather than the jacket.

    2. I think its more saturated in person. It struck me that way when I walked in the store and saw it. I think the issue with the web photo is that it's a more matte glyde so the lighting makes the color look more flat than it is. I had a hard time choosing which color I liked best but I think the green is a more unusual jacket color for Lululemon.

  6. First off let me say everything looks good on you but I think the Brave The Cold Jacket on you is my favourite. It's too bad it's so damn expensive. I tried on the First Mile Jacket and I feel differently than you about it. I found my tts fit a big snug in the underarms and I don't know if that is because of the detail in back or just smaller cut armholes. Normally my size 6 is fine in that area. I do love the style and fabric of this jacket but I actually like my fleecy keen better. I found the sleeves quite long and there are no thumbholes which I like when the sleeves are really long. Yes it has cuffins but normally they always have thumbholes as well and that was a miss for me on this jacket. If this jacket had come in some other colours that I loved it would have been hard to leave it behind but I already have the Deepest Magenta Rush Hour Jacket and a black Kanto Katch Me Jacket so I didn't want those colours and I don't wear white jackets and the olive doesn't look good on me. I guess it wasn't meant to be…

    I also tried on the First Mile 1/2 zip and I think this tech fleece pales in comparison to the Face The Frost 1/2 zip which by the way is on WMTM in the US. I like the style and detail better on the Face The Frost tech fleece and I didn't like the elastic waist in the back on the First Mile 1/2 zip. Again I am not loving the colours in this so it makes it easy to pass it up.

    I don't know about you Lulumum but I am finding the sizing a bit wonky in the Fall items I have tried on so far. Even the Rulu Turtleneck in my tts 6 is a bit big and the size 4 too small. It might also be the style that makes it look and feel bigger. I am also finding the rulu fabric is just not as thick as my previous rulu purchases. My Fall purchases are really down this year which is good for my wallet but I really would like some more rulu tops.

    1. This is anon 12:41pm. I also wanted to mention that I tried on the dark grey Rest Less Pullover and I found the fabric not as nice as the one I bought last year. I liked the pattern and the fit was good. It was disappointing because I would have liked another one. Saving lots of money though.

    2. I don't know why they think they need to go and mess around with their sizing! The sizing and fit was one of the biggest reasons I became obsessed with Lululemon ages ago – I LOVED the fit. It is really stupid to go and mess with the sizing and fit they are known for, imo. Also, imo, they shouldn't be making their stuff roomier unless they are also going to make a size 0 for people who currently wear a size 2 and won't be able to size down if they start making everything roomier. regarding the boxy fits, this is why I stay away from other brands and loved about Lulu along with their sizing things were shaped to fit and flatter women's bodies… now I guess along with a lot of the generic designs we've been seeing they are aiming for a fit more like the other brands as well… I really hope this isn't the case…

    3. Thanks LLM for your response. Had the First Mile Jacket come in Grevvy I think I would have bit the bullet and overlooked the no thumbholes issue! I was wearing my Think Fast Rulu Pullover which may have made the armholes feel snug but a person should be able to wear a warm top underneath. Wearing my Think Fast Rulu made we realize how poorly this years rulu holds up to rulu of past years. I am glad you were able to get Toasty Tech Tights on WMTM. I saw that Face the Frost 1/2 zip got pulled or sold out on the US WMTM.

    4. @anon 4:20 completely agree with everything you said! I love grevvy too and was hoping to see more prices in it. I got two think fast Rulu pullovers last year and I wore one the other day and the difference between the rulu's is significant. I also got the face the frost last year in black swan and glad I did! Nothing for me in this upload but I did some serious damage on last weeks Roots customer appreciation sale (everything as 30% off ) so glad nothing to temp me tonight!!

    5. @anon 4:20 I would too like to see First Mile in gravvy. These particular colors are interesting to me. Black swan would be nice too

    6. I really appreciate you sharing your fit review. I think it's so important for readers to have access to a variety of opinions and impressions on items and you've provided really great perspective.
      I think I felt the First Mile Jacket was more generously sized was because I sized up in the Rush Hour Jacket – the rulu panels on that jacket are a bit unforgiving where as tech fleece hides more. I found the rush hour felt fine in my size but looked better sized up, while the first mile felt as good in my TTS as it looked. That all being said, I need to try it on over a semi thicks sweater like my modal long sleeve shirts to see how bulky it is in the arms.
      I really loved the brace the cold. Thats a hard one to pass up. The First Mile 1/2 zip was nice but if Canada had gotten the Face The Frost 1/2 Zip on WMTM I would have pounced on that one. The sale price plus the design makes it way more appealing. Thats how I felt about the tech fleece tights today. I was able to get the Toasty Tech Tights on WMTM the other day so I don't feel tempted by this years.

      I agree, the sizing has been really strange. I think the designs are boxier but also the shoulders and armpits are wide in some pieces and then other items like the first mile 1/2 zip are really form fitting.

      I don't like the changes they've made to RULU, it's thinner now and only brushed on one side where as it used to be really thick and brushed on both sides.

    7. Hi Anon 7:15pm this is Anon 4:20pm – I love my Think Fast Pullovers, one in Inkwell and one in black herringbone which feels the thickest. I also got the Black Swan Face The Frost, what a great tech fleece top. I was thinking of checking out Roots for some cozy sweatpants, not liking LLL ones.

      Anon 7:38pm All the First Mile pieces would look awesome in greyvy, black swan and deep indigo. I get that the colour theme other than black, white and grey right now is the Deepest Magenta and Olive but it doesn't make sense to me to repeat the same colours in outerwear because those are big ticket items and I for one don't want two jackets in the same colour. I find Olive is a nice colour in certain fabrics but I think it's kind of a polarizing colour in that not everyone can wear it. If they keep repeating Deepest Magenta and Olive throughout the winter I won't be buying.

  7. I'm loving the Brave the Cold Jacket on you as well! It makes me want it also…. It does say "water repellant" and it's my first winter living in Vancouver. Is that a laughable "fact" or will it actually keep me somewhat dry (if I have an umbrella)?

    1. Why make a long down coat that isn't water repellant?? That makes no sense! I love the look of the jacket, but I'd never buy it b/c it's not functional at all.

    2. I have the Definitely Raining Jacket but I think it would be too bulky underneath (so I got the down with fluff vest for that purpose). Thanks for the insight. I agree that wet down would be miserable and this would be worn when I want to spend time outside and not be cold (even in the rain)…sigh.

    3. There is nothing more miserable in Vancouver than a jacket that is repellant but within 20 minutes absorbs all that rain and gets damp and heavy. This will not serve you as an outer layer jacket on a rainy day, but it will be really nice under a rain repellant jacket, or on a cold dry day, or if you are just running to your car and not spending time outside in the rain. I plan to wear this under my rain coat on days like today.

  8. I just saw the First Mile 1/4 zip and First Mile run tight in store. Underwhelmed. They are not fleecy at all – I was expecting the polar fleece used in the toasty tech tights. I'd say they are the same weight as the brushed speeds. The top feels no thicker than the rush hour 1/2 zip (which I love by the way). I didn't try any of the jackets – although it looks really nice fleece doesn't work for me as a run jacket as it doesn't block wind.

  9. Wow on the prices! They are overpricing everything these days… and giving Canadians a double dose of 'take that' by adding on even more on top of already overpriced items! Well… I guess if everyone is going to just put on their blinders and continue to purchase then they are going to continue to raise their prices…

  10. The fit on the First Mile Jacket is much better than the fit on my Fleecy Keen. Both are size 10 as I have broad shoulders but am a size 6 on the bottom. With the Fleecy Keen I end up with a boxy looking jacket with a lot of space on the bottom. This jacket skims my body and gives me room to layer without having a lot of space at the bottom. I'm 5'10" and the jacket fit me at hip length. It is a much more flattering jacket on me. I took my define size which is a size up from my TTS 8.

  11. You look stunning in everything and I think that olive may be your color. It looks really nice on you. I might have to sell my fleecy keen and pick up that jacket. So pretty!

  12. Ebates shouldn't be used as a way to justify making purchases. If someone is planning to purchase something anyway and regardless of price, then yeah, getting a bit of money back is a small bonus, but it would be stupid to use Ebates as an excuse to justify a purchase you wouldn't otherwise make without the rebate. Not to mention you end up paying the taxes on the full price of the item and don't get any of that refunded after the rebate. I say this as a reminder to myself haha, but also to anyone else who may find it helpful too, coming from someone who spends a lot of money on lulu and is working on cutting down (don't agree with overpricing stuff and don't *need* anything anyway).

    1. I think most people will only use if planning on buying…lol. because 8 percent is peanuts compared to what you are spending on lll but heck every little bit helps. Especially with Christmas season approaching

    2. I get you. I wanted the jacket and would purchase in store but I reminded myself to get it online so that I could save the 8%.

    3. I am so glad LLM you brought Ebates to my attention. I certainly don't use it to justify purchasing but I certainly can justify using it when I want to buy something especially now with it at 8%. My only problem is by purchasing online more I won't be supporting my local store but I have to shop where the discounts are.

  13. As cute as some of this stuff is (especially on you!) I can't justify any of these prices when other brands (not necessarily an athletic wear brand) do functional and stylish cold outer wear at this price point and often have sales!

    1. I agree on both counts that the long down jacket looks good on LLM but if I were to spend that kind of money on a down jacket I would look at other non athletic stores like Geox where I bought two down jackets last year and cheaper than LLL.

  14. Curious to know what the jacquard textured CRBs were? The aurora purple and black jacquard texture Power Y looks really pretty but I can't wear Power Ys, so would love if this came in a CRB… or even the jet set blue jacquard or hunter green jacquard…

  15. Hi Lulumum: I wanted to comment on how great you look in the First Mile Jacket — I think that's the name of it. I did not see what your review was about it — whatever the case, it looks great on you! 🙂

    1. Me again: thanks for the review — I just read it! Gorgeous jacket on you especially the green one — Lululemon got that one right with regard to attractive and accentuates your shape — go for it! 🙂

  16. I am disappointed to hear that the First Mile Jacket does not have thumbholes! I ordered the green tonight….I hope I like it.

    1. I think what you saw in the video was the white cuff of a l/s Swiftly. I tried on the jacket and looked for a thumbhole but couldn't find one. In all the pictures of this jacket not one shows a thumbhole. It's really too bad and an oversight on their part.

    1. returns are still the same. after lulu has processed your return (either in store or by mailing it back to the warehouse), you will notice a few days later, on your ebates account, that the ebates amount you had initially received for your purchase will have been reduced to account for the item(s) you returned. the only way I can see you keeping the ebates even if you return is if your store accepts returns without a receipt and you get money back on a GC. but personally, that's a bit shady and I would prefer an actual reimbursement than a GC (I have a hard time buying lulu lately, shit is so expensive lol).

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