1. I bought the Florance Speed Wunder Tight today at a shop in Westchester NY. They are not see thru. I did all sorts of crazy bend tests and they passed. I love this print. They are beautiful and I will get great use out of it for boot camp classes and outdoor runs.

  2. I could not get my thongs to show through no matter what I tried. I did see a lady with black thong and you could see it clear as day. Not sure how that can happen as she was squatting….I think maybe she went down a size or 2 to get them to be so Flippin stretched out. I have to admit my tts is a tiny bit loose but I avoided sizing down to minimize sheerness. I did body pump twice in them and they do feel like you have nothing on…and yes there is minimal compression. I will Def wear to hot yoga and running on hot nights….I have no complaints other than price. Got many compliments on them. I'm not a lace person but for whatever reason the design got me. I do have dottie tribes so they are similar yet different. And colour makes it easy to match any colour with them. I'm sure once they are marked down they will fly off shelves like the marble print did.

    1. I'm a size 4 and bought size 4. They fit me perfectly. They are not see thru on me. I wore black thong when I tried them on. I always have issues with the waist band because I have a belly from 3 pregnancies ( if I can stop buying Lululemon for a year, I can have $$$ for a tummy tuck). However, waist on these don't bother me. I also have Dottie Tripe WU Pant and I am in love with them.

    2. I have them and love them. They are very unique and pretty. I am a size 6 and bought a 6. They are not see through at all but be aware that they are backed in white so when the black stretches it does fade out a little bit – not enough to deter me from keeping them though.

  3. I bought them online and returned them if you bent right over you could see through them but the deal breaker for me was how light they felt on, I adore the dottie tribe and wish these felt like they did! It's a Shame as I wanted to love them

    1. Yes definitely no compression with this fabric…I don't have a perfectly flat tummy after 3 big babies so it does not flatten it out as much as I would have liked but who's looking that close? Pattern is so pretty anyway…distraction

    2. i agree that no compression but they are not see thru on me. I took the rip tag out and wore black thong and they were just fine. I'm voluptuous and my boyfriend said he couldn't see my skin or thong. I even made him put a bright lamp next to my butt.

  4. Due to the conflicting reports on these pants, and LLM posted a picture where were clearly see through I think maybe there are correct batches and defective batches. It is a new fabric so hiccups in production is possible. I didn't get the marble in pants but did get the speeds and energy bra as the print was more vibrant. I didn't really like the Florence print but I also have the Dottie tribes…

    1. I agree. I saw the pic of the sheerness and I could not get my pair to show my underwear in any way. They are a very nice fabric. Feel similar to my aligns but they are more the texture of luxtreme (smooth not cottony like luon or nulu)

  5. Tried on the First Mile Jacket in the store. It's a great jacket, but it's definitely cut for running. I'm ALWAYS an 8 – regardless of manufacturer or type of jacket. Suit jackets, down jackets – doesn't matter, it's all about the shoulder to height ratio. I put it on with a slim-cut sweater underneath and it was seriously pulling across my upper back. With just a shirt I would have been ok.

    Tried the size up (with the same sweater) and while that was roomy enough, it fit a bit oddly because I'm a textbook 8.

    So, from my perspective, if you want a run jacket, you probably couldn't do better than the First Mile, but if you want an all around light jacket, you should probably keep looking.

    It seems odd to me that this is being considered a replacement for the Fleecy Keen. I love my FK, but would never run in it, because it's too bulky for that, but I wear it every day at this time of year as regular outerwear, which I couldn't do with the First Mile jacket, that won't really accommodate layers. Seems like totally different needs.

    1. I really love the First Mile Jacket and bought it in white. I also own Fleecy Keen in Deep Zinfandel. I love both jackets. The white one will be used for running in Jackson Hole ( I don't have a choice but to run in snow and ice). I used my Fleecy Keen for running all last winter and it is perfect for running in 20F. This jacket runs TTS. I'm a size 2 and bought size 2 and fits snug. I tend to wear all my winter running jackets snug so keep my body warm.

  6. I checked the store inventory on the mobile app for the florence speed wunders and they seem to be selling very well. This gives me some confidence when ordering online that they are nice in person.

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