1. OT, but it looks like Lululemon got rid of their facebook visitor posts on their page. Not surprising considering they got rid of hey lululemon too.

    1. That is potentially due to the pretty aggressive campaigning regarding the use of down in their products that has been all over every page recently!

    2. Ugh, I wish people would stop that. They don't like down, fine, don't buy any products containing it. Some of us prefer down in our jackets and duvets/pillows. I don't blame Lulu for blocking visitor posts.

    3. I think this is actually a Facebook glitch and not something that Lulu intentionally did. I have found that a lot of company pages are missing the comments section in the past few days.

    4. so what does that mean exactly? do not use F-words and such; or more like we will censor a posting if we do not agree with what you are writing? Because that would be totally wrong. They cannot simple delete postings only because they don't like what people have to say about their products.

    5. Honestly not trying to start anything, and not that I agree with being aggressive about it (haven't seen the facebook posts because I don't do fb), but I think when it comes to speaking up against the use of animals like this in this day and age it isn't a matter of it being simply a preference, it's a matter of ethics, and animals can't speak for themselves so a lot of people who feel passionately about it speak up.

    6. I went digging yesterday and it appears she's right. Lululemon has posted 'house rules' on the page where basically they are telling you they will censor content.

  2. The the First Mile Jacket have a removable hood? One of the pictures on the website makes it look like it doesn't have a hood (hood taken off).

  3. How is the back of the First Mile 1/2 Zip? In that side photo it looks like it's bunching weirdly due to the elastic across the back. Otherwise I love the top even though I can't justify most of Lulu's price tags.

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