1. Hi LLM, OT, I got my dusty mauve define jacket in the mail today and you are right, it IS gorgeous, nicely thick too. I am going to the store tonight to check out the jet set blue one and them decide which one to keep. Prior to the price increases I probably would have bought both. I happen to have on my black cherry tranquility pants today and I am surprised how much I like the dusty mauve and black cherry combination. ( I was just planning on pairing it with grey as I am not creative in that way) Thanks for the recommendation of that define!

    1. I love both colors but the Mauve wins out for me. I don't think I can justify keeping the jet blue (unless I sell some lulu on eBay, lol!) so in that case it will go back but if I can keep both I'll definitely keep both. I've worn the mauve tons and tons since I got it and I'm not hugely a define person.

    2. Hi LLM, it's anon 12:57 hummed and hawed back and forth between the mauve and jet set blue. Ended up buying both. Justified it with birthday money that is coming tomorrow. The blue is so saturated and wasn't prepared to give up mauve. Haven't bought my usual amount of lulu this season which also helped me justify. Lol…

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