1. I can't wait for this jacket to come to Canada and I think I have decided on this Deepest Magenta colour over the Sapphire. I just got home from a walk wearing my black Kanto Catch Me Jacket in the rulu/glyde combo. I love this jacket and have had so much wear out of it, it was a great buy so I would love another one similar to it but in a nice colour.

    Wow these Rhythm High Times have some serious "high thigh" mesh on them. I have to say I think this Company is pushing it too far with this particular mesh design going so high up.

  2. I'm loving the whole look of the woman with the white Rush Hour, purpley Rhythm HTs and the grey striped Love Tee. I'd never think to pair those things together, but she looks adorable! The Rush Hour is so tempting, but it rarely rains where I live, so it wouldn't get the love it deserves. Maybe if it hits the outlets, I'd reconsider.

  3. Hi Lulubell, the white jacket is the Non Stop Jacket and it is not a rain jacket. The Rush Hour Jacket wouldn't be a good jacket for wearing in the rain but it is wonderful Fall Jacket. I have the Kanto Catch Me Jacket which is rulu and glyde as well and I get lots of wear out of it and it's been a perfect Fall jacket, very cozy and warm for a lightweight jacket. I love the design and colours of this new Rush Hour Jacket and can't wait to check it out.

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