Last week I wrote a post about Lululemon reviews being deleted off their website to inflate product ratings, and since then many of you have come forward to say your reviews have been deleted throughout this week. In the discussion in the comments of that post (thank you for such a lively discussion!), it was suggested that a new review system could be created where you could feel free to post your honest reviews on products without fear that your well thought out feedback would be deleted, and where people seeking honest reviews could trust that the review are actually genuine. I’ve created a Facebook group for us that you can join and find the latest upload products, and share your reviews. I would love it if we could still keep product discussion in the comments of this blog, and use this group as simply a place to leave and read reviews. What do you guys think? If you want to join and check it out, click the image or the link below and it will take you to the groups page where I will let you in to join. 

I plan to add products to the group into proper albums each week after the upload. Once the group is set up and established I’ll create it’s own page on this blog where you can be directed to that group. 

Lululemon Product Reviews

  1. Great idea! Just joined, thanks. I saw your comment on the comment section and their response is just not acceptable. There's so many inflated reviews there now it's ridiculous. anyway…

    1. I left a review on the lululemon website for the speed wunder tights and they posted it. I called them out on deleting reviews – I'm surprised it was posted.

    1. Thanks! I prefer my blog too. I wanted to give an option to those who mentioned it though. I will be 100% focused on my blog and business as usual. And as always, I welcome and appreciate reader fit reviews here as well.

    2. Thanks, Lulumum, for all you do here on your blog, I appreciate it. Like anon 10:21, I also prefer your blog and wouldn't use Facebook for this either.

  2. Thank you so much for creating this, your blog & blog comments are the first place I check for valued feedback. The facebook page will just make it easier for specific items I'm sure :). Thanks again for all your hard work!

    1. I also prefer your blog and would not use Facebook. I'm sure Facebook is the more popular option for a lot of people, but as long as there is an option on your blog, I would comment here. Are you doing it under a separate tab/blog via this blog?

      Thanks for all your hard work LLM.

    2. I would prefer a separate section on this blog too. I don't use Facebook as often (I actually avoid it lately as I find I am wasting my time there. Plus too much drama, I am sure you ladies understand).
      I would love to have a page/section on this website tho. I come in here every single day (multiple times a day!)

    3. Add me to the group that would prefer a tab and/or section on this blog. I don't have FB for various reasons and would not be able to access any fit reviews or add my own.

  3. i dont have facebook! im not a blog literate but are you able to create a like system within this blog??? gahhh I will miss out on all the valid reviews! 🙁

  4. I love your blog! I would love to have a community review system, but I'll also chip in and say I would greatly prefer the functionality directly on your blog vs. facebook. I'm not on facebook and don't ever plan to be, so I would miss out 🙁

  5. I think it's very nice of you LLM to offer this option for those who feel it will benefit them. I personally will not join only because I don't feel it would benefit me. I usually buy product when it first hits the stores before reviews have a chance to be posted. I definitely do not approve of what LLL has been doing in regard to not posting or deleting some negative reviews but I know all of my negative reviews have been posted. The only concern I have had recently is not having my supportive comment to a negative review posted. I also have had someone make a comment countering my negative remarks in a review I recently made which was strange because this person only signed up the day she made a comment on my review but she did not make a review of her own, very strange.

    No I have bigger issues with this company that are really testing my limits of ever wanting to buy their product again. This whole business now of taking markdowns out of stores and restricting them to online purchases through WMTM is just another way they are screwing over their customers. I seriously don't know if I will ever buy off WMTM again.

  6. I love this idea! I also prefer your blog as Facebook just has too much stuff going on and I barely go on. I check your blog at least once a day. 🙂

    1. Me too! I don't and won't have Facebook, but I check this blog often and post to it regularly. I will add my two cents for products here as well. Thank LLM! Have been using this blog for the past 1 1/2-3 years and I love the work you do here!!

  7. Guys, I have something else in the works for those of you not on Facebook. It's a forum that I'd already started years ago but I just need to populate it with items. I won't be able to tend to both the Facebook group and the forum so I'll set it up and leave it to you. As always though you can always leave reviews in the comments section of this blog. I'm ramping up doing fit reviews myself so we can have a post up on Monday with the new product drop items, and in that post you can leave your comments on the items throughout the week as you try them on. Same goes for the upload post on Tuesdays.

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