I wanted to give a shout out to a few items I’ve recently purchased that I’ve been loving at the gym, with a focus on function, not streetwear. There have been some great finds for me despite the generally drab and plain lululemon lineup and overabundance of mesh in all the run tights. 

Speed Wunder Tight Deep Sea Print

I got these Deep Sea Print Speed Wunder last week when they restocked a few sizes on the website. I had ordered them in the summer but then returned them out of fear of the crazy print but I really regretted it and had been stocking eBay for them when the website restock happened. I love this new version of printed Full-On Luxtreme which is 69% nylon and 31% elastane. This is a huge improvement over the primary polyester based printed luxtreme. The prints are now matte and the material is much lighter and more breathable. They feel so nice on, and they don’t trap heat like printed luxtreme used to. I never wear full length tights to the gym because I get so overheated, but these where fantastic. I wish I’d tried on the black version of these tights as well. I wonder if the none printed Full-On Luxtreme is this same matte nylon based material. 


Essential Tank 

Sorry for the blurry pictures here but I grabbed snapshots from my gyms instragram stories, and quick snaps I took on my way out. I first got the Muted Mauve Essentials Tank mostly because I loved the color so much but I really love the way this tank fits. It’s so flowy without being matronly and the back pleat detail is really pretty. I love that the entire back covers my bra straps (I hate having to coordinate so many outfit components!). One negative thing about it is these lighter colors do show a darker bra or print thru the fabric, but I am not bothered by that. I love both the Tonic Sea and the Muted Mauve and they’ve been on regular rotation for the past 3 weeks. I may even like them better than my 105F singlets because they are more modestly cut and cover the armpits area a bit better and it has a wider racerback. 


Muted Mauve Define Jacket

I am not a huge Define Jacket person but I had to have this color. When I received it I new I’d be keeping it because the luon happens to be very soft in this color, and because it’s so streamlined with the lack of contrasting colors, textures or contrasted zippers. It’s so soft that I can easily wear this for warmup or runs at the gym. This is my to/from jacket to the gym and as it gets colder I’ll start layering a jacket or puffer vest over it. 


  1. I love my essential tank in Mauve too! It is up there with my 105 singlet. Another favorite of mine is muscle swing tank. I first bought black and just bought white.

  2. I love my tiger space dye Essentials tank as well. Just waiting for a few more colors to show up since I already have similar colors of the stock they have on the website. Finally a decent replacement for the 105.

  3. I was stoked when the Deep Sea tights were restocked in my size and I snapped one up. Like you, I passed on them in summer as I'm not fond of back zips for my yoga practice, to my later regret. Glad to get a second chance! They are really lovely in person.

    1. I won't wear bottoms with zippers for yoga. I also prefer Luon bottoms, I prefer the look and feel of the Luon fabric and that it isn't slippery. I don't like the shine and slipperiness of the luxtreme/similar fabric bottoms. Also really hate mesh, I don't like the look of it at all, but even if I did I don't like the feel of it, it feels irritating.

      Anyway, sorry for rambling! Just my two cents on bottoms for yoga! (as if anyone cares, haha!) Glad you like them and they work out for you though!

    1. It comes to $145 after tax where I am 🙁 Personally, I don't really like the muted pale colours like the new mauve and tonic sea, but I LOVE Defines! Have been waiting for the ones I like to make it to WMTM, and if they don't I'll survive, haha, nothing I actually need anyway. Like another blog commenter mentioned recently, Lululemon has turned me into an *absolutely must love and need buyer* from being an *I kind of like it and I want it so I'm going to get it anyway* buyer. And it has more to do with knowing this stuff isn't truly worth the price tag and being fed up with all the company's shenanigans that I'm not willing to cough up the money.

    1. What a shame to see they are now completely ruined with all that mesh 🙁 Just another way for them to cut costs in manufacturing and make an item isn't meant to last and will have to be replaced more often – that is if you even buy it! I know I won't be with all that gross mesh. I don't want any mesh at all on Speed Tights (or any bottoms really, although didn't mind the occasional discreet amount of circle mesh on crops once in a while) – I want actual tights that cover my legs with actual fabric! If I wanted less fabric on my legs I would wear either crops or shorts.

    2. so much mesh! and they are so short too!! I hated it when they shortened the length last year. I mean, if you are a short person you can always roll them up. but if you are tall there is no way to make them work (unless you really like having your ankles exposed). I mean what I am supposed to do? Pull at the fabric until it rips? of course, this is a cost saving measure for lulu since they are using less fabric. I really hate this new road they are on.

  4. Off topic, but has anyone else noticed that there hasn't been any new colours in either the Speed Socks or the High Speed Socks for at least the past month? Both these styles were priced at $14, the lower end of the price range in their sock choices… now all the new colours in socks are only available in all the styles in the $18 range… I'm guessing the others are being phased out since no new colours for a while now… maybe strategy to make almost $5 extra bucks off of every sock purchase…

    1. YES!!! I have been wanting a pair of socks for months now. I love the gym socks (are they called Play All Day Socks?) so everytime I go to the store I rummage through their socks, and on uploads I always scroll to the bottom to look for socks. I don't think there has been any new since early summer.

  5. FULL SIZE RUN OF DOTTIE TRIBE ON WMTM FOR $89 for those that didn't get them the first time around. Is it just me or is like…half the stuff from recent weeks on WMTM already?

    1. I have a hunch that lulu HQ is having stores send leftovers back to their warehouse to sell online. I've been seeing less good markdowns in stores the last month and weird random stuff has been coming back online from a long time ago, such as lulumum being able to order these deep sea tights

    2. I'm inclined to agree. A bunch of items I had wanted to try that I thought sold out popped up on WMTM, so I made my first purchase in a long time. Really perplexing.

    3. I've been trying to add the Dottie Tribe WU to my cart now for 10 minutes and no dice. UGH I don't know why I bother with LLL anymore!

    4. Two things ive ordered in the last month were old oddballs that reappeared full price online after selling out previously. One was mailed from a store from Florida and on from a store in New Jersey. Neither from Ohio or Washington. I believe since they've made store sends more common with in-store availability on the App, they're posting inventory of these "oddballs" online and allowing full price orders instead of having the store mark it down to get rid of it like they used to. It's disappointing because searching for great final price finds in store had me visiting the two stores in Boston 5-6 days a week as they're very convenient for me. I'm so much less inclined to stop in now and doing more shopping on resale sites to find deals. As someone who spends thousands on lulu annually (don't judge me) this is not benefiting them from my standpoint. Regular shoppers probably don't NEED more lulu and buy when they find a good price or absolutely love something, but don't wNt to pay full price all the time without a rewards or loyalty program. It's ridiculous, even sephora offers discounts and non-drugstore makeup rarely goes on sale. Even if lulu could do 10$ off a bra with purchase of pants it'd be a shock but I think incentives like those are what bring people in and justify full price purchases. Pretty frustrating

  6. I agree as I have not seen a sale rack in my store for a couple of months now. I think by putting product as on line only and moving markdown product out of stores to only on line sales is their attempt to increase on line sales overall.

    1. the problem is that in store you can try that product out and see if it fits and if you like it. online you are forced to keep the product even if it doesn't fit since these are final sale. just another way for lulu to increase their sales with no regards to the customers. it might work short term. but long term this is going to come back and bite their a…

    2. People are going to become afraid of purchasing wmtn… unless they're into resale. When the Pure Practice bra went on WMTM, it sold through quite quickly. However I knew from trying on that this was an oddly fitting bra. It was cut too high at the pits and too tight at the rib age with the design. If you look on Poshmark eBay etc there was a FLOOD of pure practice bras. My theory is that people hated how it fitted but took the chance knowing they can resell on those sites. This goes back to the removal of reviews lulumum did a post on. If they're removing the bad reviews of how I'll fitting or sheer some products are, they're going to sell better to people who don't know any better. They'll still get their money. It's totally a normal business strategy, the difference is the following of customers and regular shoppers who expect quality that most brands have not acquired. They CAN make things final stale because people will still buy them. I accidentally wrote stale but I totally think it was a Freudian slip so I left it. HAHA

    3. I'm one of those not interested in resale. If I buy something I plan on keeping it. I don't even like doing returns on the regular price stuff that allows for returns and try to avoid ordering something unless I'm pretty sure I'll love it. but occasionally something new that I'm not familiar with will come along that I'm not quite sure on fit and I'll take a chance knowing I can return it if needed even though I hate doing it. I don't take chances on WMTM and only buy things I know and love if they make it to markdown. I also do about 98% of my shopping online as it's just not easy for me to get to a store regularly, so this is a bummer for me, since I can't even try out new things in store first in case/if they ever make it to WMTM.

    4. Today something happened that proves what you ladies said right. I went into WMTM and I saw the RULU Speed Tights IV. I really liked the color, I checked the website and the reviews (with a couple exceptions) were really good. So I place the item in my shopping bag. Then I decide to do a Google search. and this is when I discover these reviews (from independents websites) saying that the fabric is thin and not to buy. So I promptly removed my item from the bag.
      So this shows you how dangerous it is to reply solely on Lululemon website reviews. Always do your homework ladies and look for independent reviews! Especially if you plan a WMTM item that you are not familiar with.

    5. I own RULU Speed Tight IV and they are very soft and warm. They are also nice quality. I own two pairs of them both in heathered black and heathered maroon or something similar to this color. They pill like any other RULU material but since they're heathered, it's not obvious. They didn't pill too badly though. I wash them in cold water and put them in dryer which I know I'm not supposed to.

    6. I think what they are doing moving markdown product out of store and put on line is dirty and underhanded due to their no return policy. It is simply one more way to increase their online sales and move product with guarantees it won't be returned. The markdown prices for most product is a joke and why they couldn't markdown the Swiftlies more than they have is such a slap in the face to their customers. They can't even give us a deal on unpopular colours. This company is desperate and their business practices are disgusting.

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