Not a super exciting upload overall today. That’s now three Fall uploads that have missed the back to school/Fall down jackets, vests and bags. No Tuck And Flow LS’s either. Such a strange fall assortment for lululemon. None the less, I did feel excited over the Essentials Tank in Dusty Mauve since seeing it in the Hong Kong upload several weeks ago. My store hasn’t gotten this tank yet in any colors so I haven’t been able to try it on. Reviews say it fits large and to size down but I took a chance that I would like the flowy fit of it in my TTS. I also felt excited about the Heathered Alberta Lake Yogi Racerback Tank. My ‘source’ showed me a preview picture of that Alberta Lake tank several weeks ago but we couldn’t decide if it was old (and never released) or an upcoming color, and here it is!

Did you order anything tonight? Was this an exciting upload for you? 

Define Jacket

High Times Pant/Teeny Tooth

Essentials Tank/Dusty Mauve

Every Yogi Racerback III

Cool Racerback II

Swiftly Tech SS/Chilled Grape

Pace Rival Crop

Wunder Under Crop III/Jacquard Maze

Outrun Tight

‘Chilled Grape’

Love Tee Short Sleeve Crew/Heathered Chilled Grape

Wunder Under Pant/Deep Fuchsia

Be Present Wool Scarf

Speed Short/Mini Diffusion White

Scuba Hoodie/Chilled Grape

Run Around Tee/Deep Green

Wunder Under Pant High Rise

Free To Be Zen Bra

Energy Bra/Tonic Sea

  1. Wow, NONE of the great items from the UK upload in Canada. I see where their priorities are…why do I even bother anymore? 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. I really wanted the pretty Midnight Bloom yoga mat bag that the UK got. So sad it didnt upload for Canada. Todays upload was also my birthday, so really wanted to order this using my birthday money! Hopefully we will get it eventually though.

    2. I think in general stuff takes 2-3 weeks after uploading in the UK to upload in N.A. I didn't expect the stuff to be uploaded here this week because of that so I wasn't disappointed.

  2. I usually live for the cute jackets and vests this time of year but not this year. Yuck! They are so plain and there is no excitement in the designs or colors, total let down

  3. Tempted by the pace rivals BUT not sure that I like the print that much. I think I am just desperately looking to spend.

  4. love the teeny tooth print high times. I wonder if they are a print or actually textured? I hope we get the tuck and flow soon or a nice sweater wrap like the transformation wrap.

  5. I ordered the Deep Indigo Ceremony Sweatpants and Heathered Alberta Lake Yogi Racerback. I hope the Ceremony Sweatpant does not give me camel toe and wedgie like the Greyvy DSP did or they will be going back. I sure hope they are not shortening the rise of all their pants or that will be the end of my pant purchases at LLL. I bought the Love Tee Crew in Chilled Grape this a.m. and really like the fit and colour but won't be buying more at that price. I like the Run Around Tee in Deep Green but I don't like it enough to pay $74. for it. I am waiting for some winter clothes in the deep green.

  6. Does anyone know if the Ceremony sweatpants fit TTS am tempted to try them, like the material they are made of, i think they would be cosy, just wouldn't want them to fit tight.

  7. I loved this upload. I got HT in Teeny print , Define and Power Y in Jacquard , and thinking about also ordering FRB bra & WUC in Maze. As well as CRB in Rose Quartz. It's such a pretty Cole . I was hoping for the silver best that was uploaded overseas, but that can wait. Spent enough already

  8. My usual Tuesday visit to the store to see the new arrivals was as disappointing and boring in person as it is seeing the uninspiring assortment they uploaded on the site. Money saved again for another week I guess. Not even sure why the Free to Be Zen bra should cost more than the Free to Be Wild either.

    1. It does look a lot like Regal Plum on screen, not sure about in person though… and Deep Fuchsia kind of reminds me of Raspberry from last winter… but I absolutely love these kinds of jewel toned purples and pinks anyway, so no complaining from me. Really hoping there will be a CRB II (or even an original CRB) in both Chilled Grape and Deep Fuchsia. I know I am in the minority on this but I think I prefer the CRB II, even though I did not want to.

  9. I bought the wunder under hi rise pants in the black and white maze pattern. I'm hoping they're textured like the crops. I really wanted the HT in teeny tooth but I'm gonna have to wait until next payday and maybe read some fabric reviews on them.

  10. I really am not wanting a repeat of last winter where we were bombarded with so many similar colours out at the same time like Regal Plum, Ultra Violet, Tender Violet, Red Grape. I don't mind the new Chilled Grape, Deep Fuchsia, Aurora but I don't want that to be all I see for colours on the racks. A nice variety of deep greens, blues, purples would be nice.

  11. I guess true red ftbw was new as I nabbed one…having returned my olympic one in hopes of a ftbw or energy one instead…at 30$ less lol. Got the maze wuc….kinda thinking they may have resemblance to dottie tribe which I have but I lie quirky and black white. Now if they come in true red I may have to reconsider. I can't tell if speed shorts are black and white hazy grey or if they have a blue cast to them….these were not featured as a new item either. I also got tonic sea energy bra…Looks like a nice colour to go with various shades of blue and also plums and purples….not to mention black or white lol. Now waiting for wup with lace print overlay down the sides…maybe next week. And UK got some interesting pant with mesh cutouts in back of lower leg…kinda looked different. …enough for now

  12. Went in store today and tried some of the new upload on. Loved the new chilled grape color, tried on the Outrun Tight in that color and just didn’t like all the mesh and they were so long! I wouldn’t be able to hem them because of the mesh detail. Easy pass for me.
    Next up were Pace Rivals in the new Spray Jacquard. Pace Rivals are my go to, absolutely love them but did not like print. They were very soft though and I liked the texture, just the print wasn’t something spectacular in my opinion and looked kind of blah on me.

    Now, I did like the Jacquard Maze print but they didn’t have them in the Rivals in my store, so I tried on the WUC. I really liked the way they looked, they did slightly widen me but I still thought they were a fun print that I could really mix with a lot of colors. Ended up leaving with a the good old faithful, Cool Racer Back in Black, can’t believe I don’t have a solid black one…LOL!

  13. I ordered the Tonic Sea Ta Ta Tamer III (really dislike that they are now $64!, but this is the only bra that I've found tat works for me, so have no choice), the Power Purple Swiftly Long Sleeve from a few of uploads ago (don't have any kinds of purple Swiftly LSs, so gave in to the too high price for this one), and the Fly Away Tamer Headband II in both the Chilled Grape and the Black. Would have loved a couple of the other new Swiftlies, but I am being a lot more selective now with my purchases since the prices have become so ridiculous.

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