1. I would have loved the High Times in the floral print if it weren't for the peek :(. I hope they come out in more pants in that print I will get. I don't like the high waisted WUC.

  2. That Locarno LS is an absolute joke for price and what it is. Makes me just shake my head. I did buy 3 of the Flip your dog LS this year as I was really impressed. They fit nice and were a thicker, better quality than last years ones ( which I sneered at due to the thin-ness) at least the ones this year were $68! For those of you that are in the market for a LS Pima cotton it's a much better value. I sized down for a less sloppy fit. J

    1. I tried this years flip your dog and found it to be horrible. I have one of the originals and it still looks great, has thumb holes and the fabric is way nicer than the new one!

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