This has been my earliest Fedex delivery yet! Pre school drop off and gym!! I even tore off the tags on my fast lane singlet and will be wearing it to this mornings workout. 

Scuba Hoodie III Bali Breeze

If you are a Scuba III lover, then this color is a must. It’s very, very soft and stretchy. I find it TTS to my other Scubas III’s (Bark Berry, Forest Green and Sapphire). I am in love with this color.

Over top a RULU run top and my fast lane singlet for fit reference

Fast Lane Singlet

I size up to a 12 in the Fast Lane Singlet which surprises me because I’m TTS in the Tranquil Tank which seems narrower fitting and the material is thinner – yet somehow it’s more flowy and A-line. I tried this on in my usual size in the Tofino Teal but really didn’t like how fitted it was so this one is definitely a size up in my opinion. Another thing to note is that this print is called Pop Cut Boom Juice but it’s a little different from all the other items in this pattern. The other items feature predominantly Boom Juice vs. this one which is predominantly pinks and fuchsias. I like this version a lot more than the Boom Juice version.

  1. Love that scuba color can't wait until US gets it! Glad to hear it is soft! I have bark berry and sapphire as well and love them for that reason. I also bought 3 fast lane singlets so far also size up. They may be my answer to the missing 105. They are great basic tanks.

    1. Yes, please, bring back the Scuba 2! Really dislike the Scuba 3 and will not buy it because it looks hideous on me, plus it's just not as nice looking regardless being so plain and shapeless. I used to buy so many Scuba 2s and really miss them. Oh well, I guess I should be glad I'm saving a lot of money on Scubas since the 2 was discontinued. Same with the Dance Studio Pants… will not buy the new DSP 3 and I used to purchase them in any new colour that caught my eye too.

    2. @anon 11:51 I may as well written your post! I feel exactly the same way about both products!! I am relieved I have a good supply of studio and scuba II's and am babying them so they last….

    3. Amen to bringing back the scuba 2, studio pants 2 and previous studio crops. I will never purchase Newest versions of studio pants/crops and I used to buy every new color. While I can deal with the scuba 3, I want the 2 back as well because they fit totally different and it was not an adequate replacement. Again lulu is oblivious to what the customer wants. If people will buy both, why on earth will they not produce and sell both.

  2. Hey Lulumom, I have the Heathered Navy Scuba III and find it fits big and I can wear a heavier run shirt underneath it, love it for this reason, and I bought the Alberta Lake Scuba III and found it fit tight like the Scuba II but not comfortably tight, so sadly I sent that one back πŸ™ When you say the Bali breeze is soft and stretchy and tts does it have lots of room in it to wear a heavier run shirt underneath?

    1. I also returned the Alberta Lake Scuba because that one was stiff and not soft. And I returned the heathered white with stripe scuba because that one was very tight fitting.
      The Bali Breeze is soft but it is also a thicker weight material so I think I'd comfortably wear a swiftly LS under it but a RULU run top may be a bit bunchy. I'll try it on now with a run top and give you feedback.

    2. Ok, I just added a second photo of the scuba over top of my RULU run top and singlet. It's very comfortable and the only place I notice that there is extra fabric layered is in my inner elbow when I bend it. Otherwise it's perfect.

  3. So tempted by the Scuba in that colour but trying to be good. I just purchased not too long ago the new teal space dye define jacket so next should be a neutral for me.

    1. It does look good on Lulumum. However, I find it boxy and shapeless on me, it doesn't seem to fit me right at all, but maybe just my body type (petite with hourglass shape/slight tendency towards more of a pear shape, small waist with bigger bust and bum for my size). I love the Scuba 2 because it fits and flatters my shape nicely. I wish they would bring it back for those of us who prefer it, as well as keep the 3 for those who like it best. They come up with so much other useless crap all the time that I don't see why they can't offer both the 2 and 3 when there are tons of fans of both styles.

  4. Scuba looks great on you…thank you for the follow up on the feel and look of it! πŸ™‚ I live in California and that color did NOT make its debut on the USA side — I am keeping my fingers crossed for next week's download because I love the color heathered menthol and this color looks very close to it (I do not think LLL made a scuba in heathered menthol — I only recall the swiftly which I am still trying to hunt down on e-Bay.) Does anyone know if there is a way to get this in case it does not get downloaded on the USA side next week or the following week and not available on e-Bay? Thank you! πŸ™‚

  5. I have a few, one in all different versions. I also have the sapphire III and find I wear that more around the's thinner and not so stiff. The older versions are definitely thicker and better for a chilly fall day. IMO, they keep the wind out better and are warmer for outside use (to/from) but I was less likely to wear them will inside. I agree that Bali Breeze fits lulumum very well and doesn't look boxy at all. Its a great color

  6. I clicked on the photo of you in the singlet hoping to see a larger photo and see the details/coloring better, and instead it's a shopstyle link that took me to the lulu site. Boo!!

    1. yes sorry. I've been trying to be more diligent about using my shop style links. The second photo of the scuba hoodie should be unlinked for a zoom in view.

    1. I found the Scuba II great for a long torso, and I'm your same height. However, the Scuba *stretch was definitely too short. I purged all of those from my collection.

    2. I totally agree, anon 8:02 AM. They finally perfected the Scuba with the Scuba 2 and then they go and discontinue it… yet another dumb idea from whoever is in charge of this kind of thing…

    3. I'm the same height with a long torso, and found the Scuba IIs turned into crop tops (several inches above my pants). Some of the III are better, depending on the fabric. The original super soft run goes just past the top of my pockets (I have a sapphire like this and love it). The stiffer ones (patterned) don't hit my pants. The newer soft-ish solid ones (ie fuel green) hit somewhere in between. Basically, what I'm saying is that you might have more luck with the IIIs, depending on which of the fabric runs you get.

  7. Was just looking at the new Don't Sweat It Kit, and noticed the little saying on the tag inside says "I Do It For Myself(ie)", which totally put me off the bag. I know, I know, its all for fun, but seems like more of the kind of fun for a teenager really (not that that all teenagers are into this kind of thing either though). I've always loved the little sayings they add to certain items, but wish they would stay away from this kind of thing. They seem to be getting a lot more shallow. If they had of left it at I Do It For Myself it wouldn't have been as bad. I'm sure if they put their minds to it they can do much better than this. I absolutely loved the saying "Choose Happiness" in the Free To Be Bag, "Do What Moves You" is alright, but really loved the Choose Happiness one, would love to see more like this, more profound and inspiring phrases and less shallow and superficial ones.

    1. I noticed the selfie saying too and immediately thought of the teens at the studio where my daughter dances. They wear a lot of ivviva and I instantly had an image of the countless group selfies I've seen them take. The saying would have gone better with ivivva items imo.

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