Month: May 2016


Did the US even get an upload yet? I keep checking and it looks like last weeks landing page and products. Where the heck are the Minimalist Crops for Canada even? The…

Australia Upload!!!

City Sky Run By 17″ Crop Pace Rival Crop Heathered Desert Olive Swiftly Racerback Pink Shell Cool Racerback All Sport Bra III Tight Stuff Tight Heathered Hero Blue Swiftly Short Sleeve Inspire…

Wanderlust Upload!!!

The Wanderlust upload is up! Diversity Bag Highest Times Pant Nook Tank Yoga Haven Bra Yoga Haven Kimono Yoga Haven Skirt

Lululemon Lab: Union Crops

New Union Crops at the Lululemon Lab! I ordered these by phone (charge send) which they will do  for Canadians. Presuming that the New York Lululemon Lab will do likewise for US…

Lululemon Wanderlust 2016

A preview of the limited edition Lululemon Wanderlust 2016 capsule which will be a very limited store release on Monday,  and I believe uploaded online.