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&Go Endeavour Dress

 &Go Endeavour Dress with Sage Scarf

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  1. LLM, if I remember correctly you mentioned wearing Adidas shoes with the If You're Lucky LS. What Adidas shoes did you refer to? I am always looking for comfy and chic shoes. TIA!

  2. A million pix of the meh dress are available but still no good front photos of the Exhale Crops. I wanted them but held off and now they're gone. Lulu, you suck at showing us product!

  3. Can anyone comment on fabric quality of the heathered menthol crb from this last fall/winter? Is it slick like the new heathered crbs or soft like old heathered ones?

    1. @ anon 7:24 I tried it on last fall. It was super soft, but didn't get it as it was thin…. On a side note I wouldn't even attempt the new dress as you can clearly see the front pocket sticking out. Would drive me nuts…

  4. Hi! Has anyone purchased or seen anything in the Alarming color? Eyeing the CRB on WMTM but can't figure out if it's a vibrant orange or reddish color? Thoughts?

    1. It's reddish orange imo. It looks more red to me in those product photos than it did in real life. If you do a search here or on LLA's blog, you may be able to find comparison color pics.

    2. I personally love my Alarming CRB – it's definitely a reddish orange (a little bit more to the red side) and a great color for summer.

    3. Thanks Ladies! Pulled the trigger after your opinions and a color comparison from LLA! Grateful to have this forum!

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