**Very slow WIFI connection. Sorry my upload is slow today and I’m unable to provide image links for you for fast checkout**

Sorry for the very poor upload post. We just drove down from Portland Oregon to a coastal beach town called Florence and the WIFI is spotty. Which is good because I anticipated having no WIFI based on hotel reviews but they actually do have some WIFI, it’s just too slow for an upload post. I managed to order the Bark Chocolate Street To Studio Crops which are a very, very naughty order for me post Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (I’ll do a haul post once I’m in town). When we saw the Bark Chocolate Studio Pants on the international upload last week I loved them but told myself I’d only bite if they come in STS’s thinking that it would take weeks and weeks for it to appear. Lots of other beautiful items uploaded today – the Bali Breeze In Flux Jacket (I have a DSJ in Bali- hopefully those come back soon), the Bali Breeze and Alarming Cool Racerback, Picnic Play Dress, lots of swiftly SS’s and 1/2 Zips. Surprisingly no Narrow Stripe Wunder Under Pants or Crops but Canada did finally get the Cyber Stripe High Times. 

Cyber Stripe High Times 

Street To Studio Pant

LOVE! I ordered these once my WIFI sped up for a 1/2 second. 

In Flux Jacket

Swiftly Tech SS

Back Pack It Jacket

Pack It Vest – Online Only

Cool Racerback Tank

Picnic Play Dress

All Good Pullover

Swiftly Tech 1/2 Zip

Om Racerback

Peacock Run Stuff Your Bra

So tempted for this because of the color but I’m passing and hoping we see more Peacock items. 

Heathered Peacock Swiftly SS and Swiftly LS

only loaded 3/4 of this picture. lol!

  1. Canada had better upload than US. I ordered the dress in black & Alarming WUs. Really wanted to have WUCs uploaded too but figured I will give pants a try.

  2. I hope picnic dress was true to size – and not a size up item. LOL I could have ordered a size bigger and didn't in black, and I see it is sold out. I did order 2 sizes in gingham, but I am leaning towards the black! Too bad about cyber stripes – not one pair lined up at my store – maybe they will get restock and I can check the new ones out! Not paying $98 for mismatched stripes – however I am now leaning towards the black/white striped WUC as they appear to be lined up! I ordered CRB in BB and red – but I am hoping it is more red than orange as the wrap it up tank was too orange for my liking! Why can't they just come out with a true red! The alarming is so similar to the atomic they had in winter. I think I am going to order LS peacock blue even though I have fresco and blue tropics sitting at home…and real teal which looks very similar to the tropics colour! Hoping some other tank is released in peacock – though I know CRBs will not be released in peacock. Going to be an expensive week!

  3. LLM: I love the bark street to studio also and am going to buy. I see that Canada also has the dashing purple – Do you know how different his would be than the plum/ ( not the regal plum but the earlier released plum). Thanks!

  4. Is that an Alarming Swiftly Half Zip shown in the photo above? I don't see that one on the Canadian site 🙁 Would have really liked that one! I ordered the Iris Flower Swiftly Half Zip, both the Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve Swiftly in Peacock Blue, and the Bali Breeze In Flux Jacket – lots of pretty colours this week 🙂 I was hoping the Bark Chocolate Dance Studio Pants would have been uploaded to Canada this week, fingers are crossed we'll see them soon.
    I'm with you Anonymous 5:44 AM! I too own the Swiftly LS in Fresco Blue, Space Dye Blue Tropics and Real Teal and have just ordered the Space Dye Peacock Blue as well!!! It does look very similar to Space Dye Blue Tropics going by the photos, but oh well, I love these shades and I'm thinking with more to rotate around wearing they'll all end up lasting longer in the end 🙂

  5. Anonymous 6:52 AM – I have both the Plum and the Dashing Purple Dance Studio Pants and they are different enough for me to justify both, but that's me 😉 The Plum is a deeper darker Plum purple while the Dashing Purple is a lighter purple than the Plum and to me seems to be more of purple with a dark pinkish look to it, if that makes sense, I'm not the best at describing colours! I really love the Dashing Purple colour for the Dance Studio Pants and they're definitely my new favourite! Hope this helps.

  6. Thanks anon 8:09 – that helps and I think I can justify it for sure. I am too short for the dance studio pants to work so the street to studio are wonderful for me and I have 4 ( or 5?) pairs already. However, I wear all the time so am always looking for good colors to come out!

  7. I cave and ordered Picnic Play dress at mid night last night! Lol I got Black & Gigham in my usual size 4, hoping to keep one , but now seeing ppl saying that it can be a size up item ,,,

  8. Hi LLM, question for you. I noticed that Jet Slim crops in inkwell got restocked on Canadian site. Do you think these are the same ones in Rulu that you guys got a few months ago and U.S. never got? It says luxtreme in description . Thank you!

  9. has anyone seen the Picnic Play dress at their local stores?? I missed out ordering it online and it's sold out on the website in black in my size. (6 or 8). My local store never got it. Any chance they may get it this week?? (I'm in U.S.) Did you get it in Canada?

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