July 7, 2015

Thankfully nothing I HAD to order this week. I’m on holidays (and still blogging the upload) so getting a lulu parcel this week would be highly inconvenient. That and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming up and I’ve got an earmark on the catalogue (maybe I’ll do a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post). I was tempted by quite a few items though, most of which were on the US side. The Narrow Bold Striped Wunder Under Pants, Bali Breeze Wunder Under Crops (a favourite color!), the City Summer Dress and Gator Green Define Jacket. Most tempting on the Canadian side for me was the Daya Knit Tank and the Iris Sweaty Or Not Jacket. I hope I can find that Daya Tank in stores in Portland to try on. 

Another reason I held off ordering anything today was because I made a purchase at the Burlington outlet on Saturday. I found the Post Practice Cardi in Plum Peach in my size and I’ve always regretted not getting it in that color when it came out. Now that I have it I think it’s the most amazing lululemon item ever. If you are on the hunt for that, the Burlington outlet had two more size 10’s in this color and they do phone orders to US addresses.

Did you order anything tonight? Let me know in the comments what you got or what you loved/hated. 

Narrow Bold Wunder Under Pant


City Summer Dress


Bali Breeze (Reversible) Wunder Under Crops

Cool To Street Crops


Sweaty Or Not Jacket


Blue Denim Define Jacket


Gator Green Define Jacket


Daya Knit Tank


Bali Breeze Power Y


Breezy Singlet


Cool To Street Tank


Cool To Street Bra

Party Om Bag


All Sport Adjustable Bra

Scuba Hoodies


Swiftly Tech LS


Swiftly Tech SS


Wrap It Up Tank


Run Speed Shorts


Speed Short

Sweaty Or Not Runsie


High Times Pant


Wunder Under Pant Reversible


Wunder Under Pant (Roll Down)


Street To Studio Pant


Ebb To Street Pant


City Summer Pant


Superb Short Sleeve Tee


Hold Your Om Bra


Free To Be Wild Bra

Sun To Moon Scarf

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10 responses to “Upload!!”

  1. Jenny says:

    nothing for me, I'm done for a while now I think, except a bali breeze crb if it comes out. BTW, Myrtle beach outlet had the Post Practice Cardi in Plum Peach. I loved it but it just wasn't discounted enough for me to pull the trigger, plus when I was there it was 100 degrees and I couldn't even imagine buying a sweater.

    • Jenny says:

      The one at the outlet was 89. I think I paid 129 for my blue one. I love it and if it was 69 I would have totally bought it. Its one of my favorite colors. I can't stop buying pinky/peachy/orange.

    • Lulumum says:

      Yes it was $99 at the Burlington store which isn't a huge discount – about $48-78, can't remember what the original price was. Normally I only bite with bigger price cuts but since this was something I wanted I bit the bullet.

  2. Cwags says:

    I really wanted the gingham wunder under roll down crops but they were only uploaded to the US! Bummer

  3. Rungirl7 says:

    Bail breeze power Y and iris flower sweaty or not jacket.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nothing for me either. Although I may cave later on the gator green define. Am very jealous of the plum peach post practice cardi!! I have one in oatmeal and it is my most favourite and well worn LL cardi. Washes like a dream too. I wanted that city summer dress but we didn't get it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    disappointing upload for Canada – my husband is loving all the money I am saving. I did order the grapefruit crop but now that I look again, I noticed that you can see the colour when you are wearing the grey side out. I don't like that – they will be going back. I have the CRB so not sure how much more grapefruit I want anyways! I noticed the CRBs in international upload and was hopeful we might see one! LOL – maybe next month.

  6. Anonymous says:

    They had the post practice cardi in plum/peach at the Gilroy outlet last time I was there, in case anyone is hunting for it. I don't remember sizes though.

  7. May seem a bit crazy but I'm just getting my pedicure to match that muted (amazing) denim blue. One thing I love about LuLu is that they support women wearing not so traditional colors !!! ❤️❤️?. I got blue cool to street tank, a matching bra, and the denim blue influx jacket…. Will wear w black cool to street crops ?

  8. Lululover says:

    I just spoke to an ed at my store about lulu not posting pictures of new product. He said there won't be anymore pictures like say him standing on the sidewalk holding coffee, but there will be pictures of product in action . It's fine with me, I would rather see how clothes look during workout

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