1. Based on all photos i've seen thus far of the In Flux crops, I'm calling diaper butt on anyone without much of a booty. At this point, i've only seen these pants modeled by bootylicious people.

  2. I tried on the in flux crops yesterday. Sized down from 6 to 4. They were very unflattering and I wanted sooo badly to love them, but I left them there. They just made my legs look big and the length is weird. I wish
    The street to studio pant had the high waist like the in flux crops.

    1. I kind of felt the same about the in flux although I did buy the street to studio pant . I thought the waist was high enough but I bought quite loose so maybe that's why? I may still try on the in flux again since I'm short so the length is ok. The butt however does sag a bit and I'd be buying strictly for comfort, I think and not to impress!!

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