I was fiddling around with my blog again last night in an effort to learn a new bloggy HTML gobbledygook trick (which I was previously too scared to try) and thought I had learned how to post images that you can click on to get a link back to that products individual page on the website. Sort of the way pinterest works leading you back to the source of an image. I was super proud and gave myself a few pats on the back all day long only to learn that some of you are not able to see the links if you are clicking through a link to my site from facebook or viewing it through the facebook app on your phone or ipad. Now that I know this neat new trick I want to keep using it but only if it is not inconvenient to readers. The whole point of changing my blog over the past few days is to make it the most convenient for YOU to use. I think I’ve figured out the problem and made some adjustments to the images, and tested it myself with my iphone facebook app and I think I’ve got it now. If you are still not seeing the images from facebook, please let me know so I can either get it right, or go back to posting images the old way. I think the thumbnail on facebook will still be blank, but if you follow the link to see the actual post you should be seeing images. Let me know if it hasn’t been fixed. 

High Times Pant Atomic Flower, Breezy Tank

Wild Tank, Stash It Tank

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  1. Anonymous
    January 8, 2015 / 8:11 pm

    Those Atomic Red High Times are ridiculously sheer; the fabric is showing white on the upper thigh, back of the calf and knee. I'm not sure how anyone is wearing these.

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