Alberta Lake Yin To You Sweater

January 20, 2015

Ugh! Despite the side slit I really love the Yin To You Sweater in Alberta Lake. 

Alberta Lake Yin To You Sweater

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  1. lulu says:

    The WUP that is being showcased with the Yin to You sweater in the top 2 photos are already on WMTM on the US side of the Lulu website..strange too because my local Lulu just got them in !

    • Lulumum says:

      I know, it is very strange. Stores are heavily featuring the WMTM WUP and the WMTM Yogi Crew in the herringbone colorway. I'm trying to avoid showcasing those items as it is strange to me that they are full price in these stores (and being pushed) while they are marked down online.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I saw the Caspian Blue/Pique vinyasa in my store today and it is very nice. I really want it but don't know that I have enough to wear it with to warrant the purchase. And I also already have a Lullaby stripe vinyasa that is sort of a similar color so I can't justify it. But maybe I'll see if I can sell that Lullaby vinyasa to make some wallet and some closet room :).

    I truly don't understand what LLL was going for with the Yin to You sweater. I also saw this in my store today. What makes this bad, in my opinion, is that the sides are not just slit high, but they are actually gapped. Meaning it's not like they took a normal sweater and just replaced the side seams with very high slits. They actually took fabric out of that area if that makes sense. So when you look at any pictures of this sweater from the front it's like you have this loin-cloth looking swath of fabric coming down the front of you and a similar swatch in the back. Just seems like a bad look all around.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Exactly, 3:15 PM! When I first saw the Yin to You, I thought maybe it would be possible to sew up the slits, but because that fabric has been cut out, the gap is way too wide. This is one of the products I've been most disappointed in in a long time (which is saying a lot!), because I would have been ALL OVER this sweater if it had semi-normal sides. What a miss.

  4. Luli Designs says:

    Which vinyasa is the woman wearing in the first photos?

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