The Alberta Lake and Split Pea Fluffed Up Vests seem to be hitting US stores today, and will be uploaded tomorrow. I may give the Alberta Lake one a try but not sure I love the matte Alberta Lake glyde vs the shinny Alberta Lake glyde of the 1x A Lady Jacket, or the Turn Around Jacket from a few years ago. I’m excited to see this color make a more prominent comeback though!

PS. if you’ve noticed my blog looks different, I’ve been fiddling around with it to optimize loading speed since I’ve had lots of feedback from you guys that my blog seems to load quite slowly. I did a speed test and it says it’s now running at 99% faster than other blogs (up from 77% faster than other blogs) but I’m curious to see if you notice a difference in page loading. I have a few other changes I can make if it hasn’t sped up for you. 

Speed Tight *SE, Reflective Inspire Crops

Stash It Crop, Runaway Jacket, Let’s Get Visible Vest

  1. I really like this facelift as well..loads much faster and also I can see the comments whereas before I had to reload the page to see comments or make a comment 🙂

    1. That is great feedback to hear about the commenting. The one I had before was very convenient to me and had lots of bells and whistles. I hadn't realized it was inconvenient to readers so I'm glad to hear that the change is also positive for commenting, not just the blog speed.

  2. Thanks everyone!! it seems like the biggest suck was the commenting system I was running before. Which is sad because with that commenting system I was able to reply to comments on my phone via email vs. coming to my blog to respond to comments. Ah well!

  3. YES! great speed improvement. also better overall look, it's much cleaner, with less scrolling up and down. and like the other commenter said, i don't need to reload the page to see the comments, which was really annoying. you'll probably see the difference too, i'm sure more people will start commenting 😉

    1. That will be a very exciting change for me. The comment section of any article is the most informative and entertaining.

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