Old timers are going to be super happy about this color comeback!! I forgot to write down the color code but it was clear to me in reading it that it was Heathered Majestic. I had an ed confirm it with me in the books and indeed, it is Majestic.  Today in store I saw Heathered Majestic Roll Down Cotton Wunder Under Crops and I had such a hard time not brining them home with me. They are gorgeous and none of these photos accurately capture the color. The closest in this bunch is the top photo but it almost looks like Heathered Pigment in person only deeper. Majestic is a purple from about 5 years ago at least, and the Cool Racerback in that color (I have an ed friend who has it) is gorgeous. 

I did a quick google search of Majestic and this was the only item that came up. This photo is from Lulu Addicts blog post back from 2009. I would LOVE this Cool Racerback to make a comeback. 

 My store had a random return of the 1x A Lady Jacket today, this one in my size in Alberta Lake (LOVE the color) and yesterday they had a size up in black which I should have tried on because today it is gone. I really liked this jacket a lot and my only hiccup with it is that it is snug over my hips. I’d definitely size up in this one for more of that a-line look over the hips, but actually this one felt comfortable regardless. If I had been smart, I would have sold my Alberta Lake Turn Around Jacket a few months ago and purchased this one when it uploaded online last week. I think if you are somewhere blisteringly cold this jacket would not provide you enough warmth as a single layer, but for Vancouver this weight is perfect and it layers nicely under rain jackets. 


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