Wahoo! I got some intel one what may be happening in stores (or some specific stores) for Lululemon Black Friday. Legacy Place Lululemon is having a company called Outline The Sky come in and do hot pressed skyline designs of Dallas on Black Friday for a very limited run for men’s and women’s items (Swiftly’s and CRB’s probably). I wonder if all of the stores will have similar skyline items available? They’ve been offering skyline designs for the past few big races in San Francisco, New York and Pittsburg. For the past 3-4 years, Lululemon has participated in Black Friday but its not been the anticipated deep discounts that you see at other stores.  Sure they add a few product here or there for the typical WMTM discounts but their MO is always special limited edition products debuting on that day. Last year we saw specialty scubas with lace insets or ruffled backs, and the year before that there where gorgeous laced cuddle up hoodies with limited edition numbers inside the jacket. My guess is this year we will see cool run items imprinted with that stores city skyline. Who knows what we will see online though…that’ll probably be different. 

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