Month: November 2014

Flurry Fighter Pullover, Giant Herringbone Speed Tights

Just a reminder that there will be an upload tonight ‘after dinner PST time’. My guess is sometime after 6pm, but closer to 7pm.  Flurry Fighter Pullover, Giant Herringbone Speed Tights

Flurry Fighter Pullover!

The Flurry Fighter Pullover is out in some stores today and so I think it will be uploaded in tomorrows Cyber Monday (but actually Sunday) upload instead of on Thursday. She’s also…

Britt’s Picks – Upcoming Upload Sunday and Thursday

Tons of new goodies on Britt’s Picks for the upcoming double uploads. Uploads next week are happening on Sunday night after dinner time (for Cyber Monday), and Thursday. After that, uploads are…


If you can’t access the upload yet, here is the link to the new landing page What’s New. I’ve thrown a few thumbnails up but bare with me as I update my post…

Giant Herringbone Define Jacket

I’m quite surprised the Giant Herringbone Define is still available on the website and not sold out. I ordered this on Tuesday and it should be arriving later today.