by Cristina

Crossfit WOD

August 18, 2014

I took an unintended long break from crossfit and today was my first day back after two weeks off. The first week I took off was due to family vacation and I had planned on just taking the week of vs working out while on vacation. I was due back last monday but my husband had to get to work earlier than usual so I missed out, then on Wednesday I had a sore throat which got progressively worse through the week. I’ve felt really run down this past week and have been sleeping a lot and being a recluse and really just didn’t feel up to waking up at 5am to work out. I’ve also been in nutritional Ketosis (intentionally) for about two weeks now and have lost 6lbs but I think its really contributing to my feeling unwell. Anyways, enough kvetching about it.

Todays workout was a complex called Gomez:

5 attempts at this full complex at 75lbs

1 mid thigh hang squat clean

1 below knee hang squat clean

1 full clean

1push press

1 mid thigh hang squat clean

1 below knee hang squat clean

1push jerk

1 mid thigh hang squat clean

1 below knee hang squat clean 

1 split jerk

Wearing Great Granite Cool Racerback, Plum Energy Bra, Plum Tuck and Flow LS and Roll Down Wunder Unders. 

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