My Bruised Berry Tuck And Flow LS from Australia just arrived and it is so beautiful n person. It feels a bit thicker than my other two but I believe the reason is is that those are RULU luon light and solid colors while this is a Heathered RULU. I seem to remember the heathered grey one last year felt thicker too.  I got my usual size 10 in this and really happy with the sizing. My other two are size 10 and size 8 and the both fit similar to each other but I like the drapeyness and length of the 10 on me. Sizing on this run is consistent with last years version. Last year these came out around August 6, just before Seawheeze, so I’m hopefull we will see them around the same time this year. I definitely would love to get the Opal and Cadet Blue. 


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