Monday, June 17, 2024


by Cristina

Again, only able to access the French Canada side of the website. Photos below in French are from the Canadian upload, and in English are from the US upload. The Zest Cool Racerback is really strange looking – every other item in Zest actually looks yellow but the Cool Racerback looks murky. Almost like the underarm yellowing that shirts sometimes get. I thought at first that it was heathered which changed the color but it’s not. No order for me tonight but I picked up the Bruised Berry Cool Racerback in store this morning. 

Two new Forme Jackets in the US side. The Cadet and Heathered Opal

 Interesting that we get this bra in Deep Zinfandel

Heathered Slate Wunder Unders

Wee Wheezy Check shorts on Canada side – none for US? 

 Tencil Varsity Pants. My store had these today

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