Friday, June 21, 2024


by Cristina

Again  ^ I had issues with the upload and had to us the French side, which since its burdened with customers from both English Canada and French Canada, it is painfully slow and when it got bogged down it crashed. again. I ordered the Opal Dance Studio Jacket because I’m quite intrigued with the color but I need to compare it with my Bali Breeze DSJ and decide which is most flattering on me – then sell or return the other. I wish I had the option for the Bruised Berry but that was just on the US side and I wasn’t 100% sure I wanted that one over the Opal.

I’m happy to see the original Chai Time sweater come back. I have a grey one from early 2010 with the same kangaroo pocket and the boolux material is so thin and soft that it layers over CRB’s very nicely. I like this version much more paired with jeans. I ordered the Barely Pink to check it out since I know my store probably wont get it.

What did you order? Do you happen to have an Opal colored item from Ivivva as well as a Lululemon Bali Breeze? I’m curious to know how they look together. 

Canada got In The Flow Crops, US got the Seamlessly Street Crops and the In The Flow Crops

Restock on a few items

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