Not an exciting sneak peek for me, however we do get a better look at Jewelled Magenta which will be featured in July, as well as Sheer Lemon. Lululemon is weird these days with prolonging how long colors are out for, and blending them into the next months color pallet. I’m sure we will still see a bit of Camo, Heathered Forest, Earl Grey and of course the Tuck & Flow LS’s in Bruised Berry and Opal are coming at some point (late July?). I’d love to see a Jewelled Magenta WAFS, and a Flowabunga Multi Cool Racerback – I really like Flowabunga Multi but not in the items that have been out this month. Oh, and I need a Bleached Coral CRB but I’d like it to be heathered. 


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