Friday, June 14, 2024

Fit Review: Serenity Shorts

by Cristina

I’ve read a lot of comments that the Serenity shorts are to die for so I had to check them out for myself. I’d heard that the shorts run a generous TTS so I ordered my regular size 10 in the Earl Grey online, but when they arrived, although they felt comfortable and loose in the waist, they were a bit too short and clingy on me and so I returned them for my size up in the Cadet Blue. I liked the Cadet Blue a lot more not just because its sized up and a bit longer, but because the darker color is much more camouflaging of my imperfections than the Earl Grey was and it matches other colors in my closet a bit better. Too bad though because Heathered Earl Grey in this material is so pretty. If you are in the market for a pair of cozy, around the house or pool shorts these are definitely a must try. For most people, these shorts will be perfect in their TTS but if you are a quadzilla like me you may want to try a size up. You don’t sacrifice much waist fit sizing up in these and they look a lot more balanced in the quad/length of bare leg ratio. 

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