Monday, June 17, 2024


by Cristina

I feel impotent rage at the website tonight because not only have they not fixed their little glitch where only *some* people can see the upload for the first hour, and *some* people can access the upload from the French Canadian side, but now the website is being especially obstinate. I was able to see the upload on the French Canada side and muddle my way around to the Antidote CRB I wanted, but then when I went to check out it booted me out of my logged in saved account info. So I had to muddle my way through filling out all the information on the French side only to have it go to this error page. After a second attempt, my log in account info miraculously appeared only to disappear again. Luckily, after all these attempts I am now fluent in French and was able to complete the checkout process just as the website crashed. I would have ordered the Live Natural Crops as well as the Fatigue Cotton Wunder Unders but now I’m too tired and frustrated to try again. 

What is going on with this Lululemon? Can I assume my stored info is safe on your website with all of these weekly website crashes? Are you being hacked? What is the problem? 

*Live Natural Crops sold out within 10 minutes on both the US side and the CAD side*

Pigment Blue!

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