I ended up breaking down and picking up the Antidote Energy Bra this afternoon which makes my Energy Bra collection a little bit unruly so to make room for Antidote, one of these three must go. Or all if you guys see a color you are dying to have. They are in VGUC, but I have worn them a ton (except the pink) so I can’t say they are like new. There is no pilling or snags or anything like that on them or any obvious signs of wear other than the fabric bunching you see at the band. They are all size 8. Prices do not include shipping but I believe depending on where you are they may go letter mail, otherwise shipping with tracking costs around $12 for US and Canada. If interested, message me at lulumum.lulu@gmail.com

Pinkaliceous size 8 $40, Frond size 8 $40, Very Green size 8 $40


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