I saw this photo yesterday and wondered if that was an Antidote Energy Bra or the All Sports Bra, hoping that it was an Energy Bra. Today when I went to my store to return the Black Camouflage Cool Racerback (the camouflage was camouflaged on it to the point it was invisible) and saw that they got new Antidote Energy Bras in. I was so excited and almost grabbed one but then remembered I have 3 Energy Bras I must sell before I can justify a new purchase (Frond, Very Green and maybe Pinkaliceous). 

Not So Petite Fleur Scuba Hoodie, Antidote Energy Bra

Post Savasana Jacket

This jacket is pretty fugly but I really like the material on it. I looked at the Fatigue/Antidote one today and its the nicest woven cotton. I’d love to see a wrap made out of this material. Really soft and cozy.

Heathered Lullaby Swiftly and Pace Rival Skirt


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